After reading Gutless's post about PPIs a few days ago,  I decided to try to do without Esomeprazole and just use Gaviscon, and so far my heartburn and reflux have been not too bad.

 But my tinnitus (noise in my ears) is roaring loudly, much worse than it's been for 6 years, since I started taking Esomeprazole.

 I can't think of any possible connection between the two things but it's an incredible coincidence.

Has anyone got any ideas?

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  • Check with your oncology team, I only went off PPI under medical supervision.  I also used the classic ginger ale to help as well as Gaviscon.

  • I've not heard of using ginger ale????

  • Sorry, don't know about the tinnitus. Just wanted to say I've found Acidophilus - a probiotic, has made a big difference for me. I stopped taking ppi's four years ago, shortly after my op mainly because I'd begun to experience some side effects. I relied solely on gaviscon advance to help reduce and/or prevent reflux which most of the time it did, but last year having read about Acidophilus I decided to give it a try. I still have the Gaviscon 'on standby' but I very rarely need it. Thought maybe it might help you.

  • Thanks, I will try acidophilus. It sounds like it can't do any harm but could do good. Not like so many things we're prescribed, that help in one way but cause problems in another.

  • Hope you find it helpful.

  • I will try that as I do take ppi Lansraprozol and Gaviscon but find I need extra by lunchtime so take an additional ranitidine x

  • It's well worth trying - hope it works for you too.

  • Hi I have looked online and there are lots of different types I'm lost lol may I ask what brand you take? 

    Margie x

  • Mine are Holland and Barrett's own brand, I have the one with added pectin.

  • Thank you I will give them a try x

  • Gosh. I haven't seen that connection before. After my operation I developed tinnitus. I saw a consultant who told me that it was the result of an industrial injury (many many moons ago I worked as a coppersmiths labourer when men were men and only cissies wore ear protection). I wondered whether it was related to the blood pressure medicine, of which it is a rare side effect,  and I changed that. That made no difference. I tried hearing aids. I hear better. The tinnitus is still there. Maybe I hear that better! I don't - it's the same with the hearing aid in or out

  • Yes, my tinnitus is the same with the hearing aid in or out, but I think mine is genetic my Mum and  Dad had it. I would hear a lot better if I remembered to put the hearing aid in my ear, instead of leaving it on my bedside table!

    But back to stomach acid. I'm finding eating a little piece of bread when the burning pain starts seems to help. Maybe it absorbs the acid?

  • ok ,here's my idea - PPI's reduce acid production ,Gaviscon doesn't so much  reduce* but floats a phyiscal barrier on top of the acid .

    So maybe the acid ( possibly also your body is producing more right now as a rebound effect since stopping PPI ,I've heard this but no idea if true ) is irritating something ,a nerve or something and making the tinnitus worse ?

    * though has an ingredient to neutralise ?

    My tinnitus started after chemo ,I've often wondered if the chemo played a part .

  • That sounds possible. There's so much we just don't know! But I would think chemo could damage a nerve and cause tinnitus.

  • "But I would think chemo could damage a nerve and cause tinnitus."

    yeah ,that's what I think .I have it one ear only which kind of reinforces my belief that it's a damaged nerve .

  • It could be related to subconscious stress about changing meds !

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