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Hi everyone hope all doing well, my dad had op hurray all well on week 3 he home .

But he very low because he can only have 1 litre of water a day and fed by tube.

We need to know how long is it usually to have a drink of tea, or soup when does this usually happen.

Please help has he struggling happy to be here and he is truly blessed but this is very hard.

Thankyou all God bless ❤️

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Hello, I think everyone is different and you probably need to ask his consultant or specialist nurses.  I had drinks of tea, some soup, ice cream etc before I came home from hospital. I think that was to make sure I could tolerate it and my digestive system was ok. 

I did find that my specialist nurses were very helpful when I came home and didn't mind me asking questions, so maybe you could speak to them ?

I did find it took quite a lot of experimenting to find which foods I could eat, and found only small amounts at a time was best

Very best wishes to you and your dad, I hope all goes well. 


Yes we thought a month but seems like it could be longer

I think I will speak to his dietician

Thankyou very much x

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Hi ; delighted to hear that the op went well. Have they told you why your Dad can't eat? I think it was 7 days post op before I ate and then it was lots of tiny meals. I was on a jej, food tube, while I was in hospital but I didn't use it once I got home. I found the dieticians and the nurses very helpful so, like others, I'd advise you to call them



How much of his stomach and oesophagus are left? Suspect this is a factor.

I was on a jej in hospital and for first few weeks at home, I hated every second of it and tried not to use it.

First few months post op I could not tolerate milk of any type e,g. Soy, goat, oat, rice, etc. Maybe stop trying for a bit and let your stomach recover and learn.  Also, can not tolerate tea anymore and I used to love it. 

Initially I found I could not take on a lot of water but it's better now.

Don't give up.. It's an incredibly tough thing to have survived and it does get better!


Main thing is not to panic. As it was such major surgery everything takes a long while to settle down. Just think about one small step at at time and eventually you will see progress. Good luck.


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