Pinching near tummy scar

Hi all, I am 2 and a half years post Ivor Lewis op and doing very well. I sometimes experience a weird sort of pinching just to the right of my tummy scar. It only lasts a short while and then it feels like it releases and moves downwards. Last week I experienced this right across my tummy and it lasted a couple of minutes. I wondered if anyone else gets this or if anyone knows what it is? Thanks for all the great advice from all you wonderful people on this site. Angi xx

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  • I've also experienced a pinching sensation in the same place that you've felt it but - I'd forgotten about until I read your post. I know I was still getting that sensation last year when I was three years post op as I remember thinking that three years seemed a long time to still be having 'these twinges', but I can't remember the last that I had them so possibly, somewhere between three and four years they stop happening. At the time, rightly or wrongly I put it down to nerve damage.

  • Thank you. It's always good to know that someone else has had this too! I am going to my check up at the Royal Marsden on Mon and will ask the Oncologist. It sometimes happens if I pull my foot up to cut my toe nails and I have to straighten up and it passes. xx

  • Hah. Yes and exactly as you describe. I'm more relieved to find that somebody else cuts their toe nails while standing up (one foot on edge of bed). 

    Good luck. 


  • I am three and a half years post op and still get exactly the same twinge from time to time when putting my socks on or gardening. I did mention it at my last 6 monthly check up and was told it was nothing to worry about (although I didn't get a clear answer as to the cause) 

  • Hi. I am three and half years post surgery and occasionally experience this type of discomfort just to the right and under rib. A bit like a cramp or something twisting. Lasts less than a minute. Don't know what it is. 

  • Do you mean the scar from where the feeding tube went in?   Mine looks like  a second navel and I am wondering whether there is some kind of ridge / scar internally that occasionally creates a 'ridge'.   I have something that looks  like a little bulge in my flesh that I can see when I look in a mirror, as if it has not settled in to the position where it once was,  but it does not give any trouble and I have not experienced the feeling you describe.

  • Thank you all.

    No Alan, it's not where the tube went in as this is to the lower left of my belly button and is fine. This is on the right just under the ribs and to the right of my tummy scar. It feels like a cramping/pinching sensation until it releases. It usually happens when I pull my right leg up or sometimes bending forwards. There is certainly a ridge where my scar is. It doesn't particularly bother me, I'm just curious. 

    I'll ask at Marsden Monday as I have an appointment at Dr Chau's clinic. I'll let you know what they say. Angi xx

  • Hi everybody.      Me too!   I'm six years post-op (and still learning how to cope with our revised plumbing!)    If I bend/twist awkwardly then the pipes seem to get tangled - very uncomfortable for a few minutes.  At the time a lump can be felt below the ribs - not always in the same place.   Standing up and stretching upwards resolves the problem....   not always easy if driving in the fast lane of the M1 at the time!! 

    I did think that perhaps I had a hernia - but reading this thread it does seem this could be just another minor quirk for me to learn how to manage...but, I'm still here and life is good!!

  • I have a lump below my ribs on my right hand side and it is an incisional hernia.  Ten years post op I've had it most of that time.  My surgeon's attitude was that if it was not causing trouble best leave it alone since repair could develop into a fairly major op.  I have the occasional sensation almost like stitches pulling but I live with it.  As a keen golfer I have developed my own "support" when I play .  It's pretty crude but give me a little confidence.

  • Hi All, I went to the Royal Marsden Sutton yesterday for my check up. The Consultant said that all was fine and he couldn't feel anything untoward around the area of my tummy scar. He said that it sounded like a mechanical problem from the scarring inside or possibly nerve damage. He just told me to monitor it and let them know if it gets worse. Nothing to worry about thankfully. Angi xx

  • Im 1.5 years post op and experience similar. I also get what I describe as a tight feeling across my lower right lung.

    My opinion is that my insides are in different places that your intestine has shifted and moved to accommodate the revised length of my oesophagus. More importantly my stomach is now behind my lung.

    It kind of makes sense to me that things get pinched, etc when moving.

    I find I experience this pain you describe in the morning. I attribute it to my stomach being empty for longer than pre-op and that things take a little to move and it just hurts and feels weird,

    I'm probably sounding like a loony at this point so will stop

  • Not loony at all! It is weird but I'm assured it's nothing to worry about - we have to live with these little quirks. I get a tight feeling too quite often after eating, which makes sense as it's probably a bit congested in there! Still, doing well 2 and a half years post op - no reflux - I'm 64 now and enjoying life. Thanks for all the helpful replies all. Angi xx

  • I too get this, but both sides. On the left side, near where the juj tube was I get a muscular discomfort. On the right side i get a sudden sharp pain if I bend awkwardly, as described - when cutting toe nails or putting on tights etc. I have to extend my body full length on the bed and it goes, but recently i felt the area first and there was a hard lump. I too presumed it was a hernia. Good to know so many others get this, i shan't worry so much now.

    Its kinda fantastic that so many of us are still here surviving, but also poignant that we still 'suffer' so much. maybe its just a reminder of how lucky we are?

    Onward and upward everyone.


    PS, totally recommend davina Mccall's power balls as a snack to carry around, complex sweetness and full of energy, and certainly don't upset my delicate digestive system


  • Hi Hilary, it's more common than I first thought - we are not alone! Managed to cut my toe nails without any problems this morning so it appears to be intermittent! I've got an appointment at the Marsden next week so I'll ask the surgeon's team to see if I get a different answer........ We are all doing well which is re-assuring. Love Angi xx

  • Hi all, had my three year check up this week. Registrar had a good old press all over my tummy and scars, and checked for a hernia by asking me to lift my head whilst lying down. She said all was fine, but chided me for discussing these issues with you all rather than the medics, she was concerned about false reassurance. I can see her point but hate to trouble the doctors with every niggle.

    Most of my tummy is still numb, due to nerves being cut I guess, but treasure every day still. 

    Big cwtchs to you all. Hilary x

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