Lansoprazole not working

Hi, i'm new on here. I've been taking Lansoprazole for about 2 yrs, and not had much improvement. I went back to my GP, who put me on Ranitidine as well, but there has still been no improvent. So i decided to try natural remedies. I started to take apple cider vinegar 4 days ago, which seems to have made things worse. Can anyone help please. I'd rather not be taking the ppi's

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  • Hi Elliot I was on Omeprozole and Lansoprazole for over 3 years constantly felt rotten mainly nausea so so specialist and he put me on Rabeprazole and feeling a lot better,it might be worth trying a change of meds.they are all antacids but some work better for one and some for others.all the best.

  • When you state that they are not working, could you be more specific? Do you mean that you are suffering from reflux? If you have had an oesophagectomy and perhaps quite a lot of your stomach removed as well, there is a fair chance that you might be suffering from bile reflux, in which case it might mean that you should be on something like sucralfate, but this is complete speculation without your being properly seen and diagnosed by a doctor.

    There are acid testing strips that you can use to test how acid your saliva is immediately after reflux, but the hospital will also be able to run a test. I am not sure how apple cider vinegar reacts as far as acid:alkali balance is concerned, but conceivably it could indeed make things worse.

    Try Gaviscon, because that creates a protective alginate raft, and see how that goes. It works for both acid and alkali.

    I think we would all rather not take medication, but PPIs are not bad compared to the effects that one would suffer if one did not take them at all, and they are generally safe and are popular medicines, notwithstanding that like anything they will have side effects. So I think the priority should be to try and resolve the main issue (eg reflux) first and then consult your doctor about alternatives. Persistent reflux won't be good for your system anyway.

    But, the problem may not be reflux....?

  • The Lansoprazole and Ranitidene were working fine for 2 years, then suddenly about 5 weeks ago, i had what felt like a severe burning at the back of my throat and Esophagus. That is what my meds were supposed to help with. I'd never had this symptom before it is new. So i've tried taking Gaviscon as well and that doesn't ease the burning. I wondered if now i have low stomach acid and my meds are of no use. Is there an acid otc test i could get, or a home remedy one to test my acid levels. I'm trying to get to see my GP again, but to be honest she is of no help now and doesn't know what to try next. Its hopeless really

    Sorry i'm going on, everyone is being so helpful.

  • Try Simplex pH test strips from Amazon. The 'normal' pH varies for different parts of the body and I do not know how accurate these are. I think the normal for saliva is 7.2-7.4; higher more alkali, lower more acid. You would have to test your saliva immediately on having reflux.

    I have been asking about this issue and will be interested in how you get on. It would be something to give the GP as extra information.

  • Thankyou, i have ordered the ph test strips so will see what they show. I am at the end of my tether really, as my GP offered me an Endoscopy, and i had to refuse. I can't even say the word Endoscopy, i get sweaty and get the shakes and feel sick, so if i get to see the Gastro dept, and they offer me an Endoscopy, i could not have it without a GA. Some people would say oh don't be silly it's over and done with in minutes and you have sedation. But it's not enough for me. All this would be over if they would just say, yes we can do it under a GA. I want to know if i have any other options. It's all really getting me down now.

    So i'll plod on and see what the outcome of the strips are then go back AGAIN to my GP.

    Thankyou for your help, the advice really helps.

  • People do get anxious about endoscopies, but I think there is a very logical reason why they suggest it, because they do help diagnose what is happening. One option would be to get the appointment and then let them know you have enormous anxiety about the procedure. See what they offer.

  • Thankyou i will let you know how i go on.

  • I am told on good medical authority:

    Re the pH strips - reflux above the level of the upper oesophageal sphincter is quite rare so whilst a low pH would be likely a true positive e and neutral pH would not necessarily mean it was negative or alkaline pH - hope that helps

    The other thing would be a breath test that they would do in a hospital for this sort of thing.

  • Thankyou for this, but sorry to sound stupid, are you saying that the strips may not be a true reading of what's going on, and what does the breath test involve ?

  • It does sound stupid at all! I believe that the acidity may not normally reach the mouth saliva except perhaps for when you get that sudden mouthful of awful-tasting stuff in your mouth. But this is a bit of speculation on my part because I have not used these strips myself. I also believe that acidity readings change according to location within the digestive system.

  • Yes i see, well the burning is in my upper chest and throat, and sometimes it fells warm at the back of my nose, so i'm hoping the acid is far enough up to show a good reading on the test strips. I'm calling my GP on Monday, something has to be done soon, i can't cope with this for much longer. Do you know of anyone that has had an Endoscopy under a GA.

  • The NHS website says that endoscopy does not GENERALLY require a general anaesthetic

    from which you may infer that sometimes it can happen. I do not know anybody personally who has had this with a general anaesthetic, but I do know that the best hopsitals are very good at understanding and adjusting their procedures when people are really anxious.

  • Thankyou, I've left the Lansoprazole off for a few days, and done the ph test on saliva for 2 days. The results showed a reading of 7 which is quite good. It said anything lower than a 6 was poor and meant a high stomach acid. So it shows i think that i don't have high levels and therefore don't need the Lansoprazole or Ranitidene. My GP is sending me to see the Gastro specialist, but is making a note that it is impossible for me to have the procedure done without a GA. So i'll see what happens now.

  • Leaving off the medication would be interesting to see what effect it has if you can cope with it. There is sometimes a 'bounce' reflux effect after stopping a PPI, but this is temporary.

  • Yes, this evening i have quite bad burning in my chest and throat, but i want to persevere if i can to see if it corrects itself. It always hurts more when i am hungry for some reason. I'm also a little more concerned now as i've read that persistant heartburn that doesn't go off could be a sign of cancer, but i don't have any other symptoms. No nausea or coughing blood or a feeling of food getting stuck so i'm trying to be hopeful.

  • Drink plenty of water and have things that would soothe your system.

    Persistent reflux can, over time, damage the lining of your oesophagus, and there is a relationship between persistent heartburn/ Barrett's oesophagus and adenocarcinoma, (eg newly-developed Barrett's Oesophagus at age 30 may have an 11 - 25% risk of cancer by the age of 80) but the important thing short term is to try and sort out a diagnosis for your digestive problems as the heartburn risk is very low in the short term.

    It is a good thing to consult with your doctor about stopping PPI medication after a period to review whether they have resolved the underlying problems (eg stomach ulcers) and then to investigate what is happening.

    You can also have medication like Gaviscon Advance and antacid medication to try and calm things down until you see the hospital doctor.

    I think it would also be helpful to set out a timeline of symptoms and other things that have happened so that this makes a comprehensive story that you can tell the specialists when you see them.

  • Thankyou you have been so helpful. I do take Gaviscon advance when i get it bad, andcit was so bad last night i had 2 lots. This morning i was still suffering so i had a Ranitidene..... didn't want to but it was so bad. I have started a diary so i can show it the specialist, i'm just hoping he is sensitive to my fear, and will agree to the Endoscopy under a GA. We'll see. Thankyou again.

  • Well, yesterday i had a call from the hospital saying my GP had asked for an Endoscopy to be done under a GA. So she rang me to tell me that it is not the normal procedure, but they would do a heavy sedation with Propafol. She said i wouldn't be awake for it, and therefore wouldn't know the procedure had been done, and if i could come this morning, Friday 18th, the anaesthetist would fit me in.

    So i plucked up the courage and went. I can honestly say, it's an amazing sedation. I had the throat spray which was awful, then he told me he was administering the Propafol, and the next thing i knew i was waking up in recovery. I can't believe how scared i was, i almost didn't go, but i knew i needed to find out what was going on. It was amazing. Anyway the results were, i have a Hiatus Hernia, my stomach lining was clear as was my oesophagus, so i just need treatment for the Hernia from my GP. Or preferably treat it myself with natural remedies, which i would prefer to do. But for anybody out there who is as scared as i was of the procedure, Propafol is the way to do it, it's an amazing drug, i woke up quite refeshed, with no nausea or headache.

  • Hello there Elliott,

    First I would like to say congratulations on overcoming your fear of the dreaded endoscopy, and getting what was a very necessary procedure underway. And congratulations on the outcome as well believe me that is a result.

    My first endoscopies were without a sedative and you are right to fear such a procedure it was utterly horrendous and I opted afterwards to do as you did and have the heavy duty sedative. I was the same as you and awoke to think crumbs is it over!

    The other thing I wanted to say was if a hiatus hernia was discovered, this is normally at the valve junction between the stomach and the esophagus hence the burning reflux, when the stomach acids make their way up your esophagus. The thing I found best was the chew able antacid tablets you can just buy in the chemist I used to take them in threes. I would be inclined to be guided by the medical people in relation to sorting out the hernia.

    I had this long term and it did develop to Barretts esophagus and then to cancer of the esophagus. I have had a big operation called an Ivor Lewis two part esophagectomy which I wish I hadn't had to so my advice is get the hiatus hernia sorted out and keep on taking the anti reflux medicines they could save you a lot of problems later on in life.

    And the very best of luck with it all

  • Thankyou, yes i was extremely relieved to get through the procedure, and i feel like a weight has been lifted off my head now i know the result. I went in thinking the worst, and came out a lot happier. But now after hearing your story, it seems the fight isn't over yet, and i'm now worried that my acid reflux could end up turning into a cancer, and i'm now worried again. I will go back to my GP and see what she suggests, but i would like to do anything that will give me a chance of it not turning into a cancer. Sorry. I'm a bit down again now.

  • No Elliott,

    Down is not the place to be, you are in a really good position.

    My sincere apologies if I have scared you, that certainly wasn't my intention but let me make it a little clearer.

    Untreated things can progress into Barrats, but with your endoscopy coming out clear for the stomach and the esophagus that is a real result. There is no reason for you to think that yours will develop into anything more than the reflux you have now. Please believe me, that is true.

    Control the reflux and everything else will be OK.

    Explanation - there was fifteen years between my first and second endoscopy, my first showed inflammation of the esophagus and was treated with Gaviscon on the doctors advice. Fifteen years later 2015 my reflux was getting really unbearable and I had another endoscopy and they found I had developed Barretts esophagus, and a hiatus hernia.

    I was not taking any of the things like omeprazole which would have really made a massive difference until I had the second endoscopy.

    The Barretts esophagus rapidly developed and a third endoscopy showed I had cancer of the esophagus. Because the cancer had been caught in it's early stages, they advised the operation which I had last September and removed all traces of cancer, I am cancer free!

    You should stop worrying yourself straight away, all I was trying to say was follow the advice of the docs, from here forward YOU need to make sure you monitor your health as well as the medical professionals, and if you need to take omeprazole or lanzoprazole then take it and keep the reflux under control.

    Just one more thing that helps some people at night with reflux. Sleep with your head and shoulders higher than your body, propped up, this makes it less likely that the reflux will come back up to your throat, and please don't worry on account of my condition. We are all different and just because that's what happened to me it doesn't follow that this will happen with you.

    I feel like I haven't helped now and I do apologise if I scared you

    Best wishes and believe me when I say you have had a result


  • Oh thankyou so much for your prompt reply. I was a little down after reading your message. I feel a lot better after reading your second message. I intend to look after myself now, and manage my acid reflux. I'm going to see what my GP says and also visit the health store to see what they say. Thankyou again i feel liads better now.

  • That sounds really good, and I am glad it went well for you.

  • Thankyou for your help and support, it helped a lot

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