Omeprazole. Is it making me feel sick in the mornings?


As above? I don't normally take it but took it again for a few days (starting last Friday) when I had some "heartburn" symptoms. The last couple of days I have woken up feeling like I am going to be sick, without actually being sick. This last till around 11:00am. It really is unpleasant (hardly a major cause for concern). But I would like to know.

As a 57 year old male I am convinced that I am not in the early stages of pregnancy.

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  • Ha ha great answer you would be worth a fortune, take care and let's hope the sickness stops . Tina

  • I think your guess is right. It stops the acids from killing all those nasty bugs contained in food

    So....if you are more susceptible to any of will feel sick.

    There..... diagnosed!!

    Pat x

  • Since coming home last July I have been waking up with nausea most mornings, I find eating 4/5 cream crackers seems to settle it.

  • I,ve been on omeprazole for over 3 years and have felt nauseas most days have just switched to Rabeprazole and feeling much better,it might be worth trying a different antacid,not one works for all

  • Hello. Was on them once but the horrible side effects soon put a end to them. Go back to gp and mention the problem. They will give you a alternative. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi

    You don't say what the dose is that you are taking. I was told to take Omeprazole in the morning and at night before bed. This made me feel sick all the time. I reduced the dose to one in the morning and the sickness disappeared.

    Kind regards


  • Jill

    Thank you. It is definately the tablets causing the issue = no tablets, no problem.

    I may try the one a day option. Or an alternative type of tablet.

    Looks like I am not pregnant.

  • Always worth a try, relieved that you're not pregnant, I had triplets 32 years ago it was no picnic LOL

    Good luck

  • You almost sound disappointed that your not pregnant ha ha, take care

  • I would read the Omeprazole instruction leaflet carefully to see if it includes nausea.

    I believe that the time of day you take PPIs does have an effect, but I cannot remember the details now, so it might be worth experimenting. It is almost as if something is happening during the night isn't it. In which case taking Gaviscon as well for the night time might make a difference?

  • Hi Bruce. I'm taking Nexium 40mg Esomeprazole myself (got GURD & Barretts). The leaflet says that feeling sick is common and affects 1 in 10 people. So maybe what you're taking is the same, although I don't have this problem.

    Also says that they can cause large breasts in men, so if I start growing a Big Pair of Bazookas I will chuck 'em in the fire.

  • Bruce I stopped taking Omeprazole (20mg/ day) like you have and generally I'm free of symptoms. As Alan says above a short term issue could be handled with gaviscon rather than a systemic drug and that could be worth trying it works for me.

  • Bruce, a little like Mark said, I handle my reflux with Gaviscon and apple cider vinegar. I appreciate this wont work for everyone but it may be worth a try?

  • I've been taking omeprazole for about 20 years since I was diagnosed with Barretts's. I should have been taking two 20mg tablets a day but kept it down to just one at night unless I got bad reflux. Perhaps that was a mistake. Long term use does lead to a reduction in vitamin D and all that entails. But they don't tell you that. Despite taking the pills for 20 years I still developed cancer of the oesophagus which was diagnosed 2 years ago. But my advice would be to keep taking the pills to at least reduce the chances of something nasty developing in the future. Cancer of the oesophagus is the silent disease that creeps up on you. Make sure that you have regular endoscopic examinations and report any change in symptoms immediately. Many GP's don't always appreciate how this cancer develops and what the symptoms are.

  • Ray. My apologies. I should have explained. I too had Oesophageal Cancer. I am now 18 months post op and doing well. The drugs don't work :ˆ)

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