Muscle ache

Hi all , I am nearly 4 years post op , and am having a bit of a problem with muscle pain ,does anyone else have the same problem as this, at the end of my scar on right side am getting a pain which comes and goes , a nice hot bath usually sorts it but it been going on for a while now, it feels like it just under the surface and not deep , and its like I have pulled a muscle ,,, my thoughts on this are that I have been overdoing it a bit latly at work , and also spud the pup who likes to walk twice a day does tend to pull a bit on the lead, any suggestions would be helpful ....... ps I aint shooting the pup , haha thanks. Steve

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  • I'm 4years post op next month and I also get 'just under the surface' pain on the right hand side but not just at the end of my scar. I also get them just beneath my bottom rib, sometimes on the right side of my back and sometimes under the right breast. They don't usually last for very long and they don't happen every day and I've always thought it was nerve pain rather than muscular as when they start they come on quite suddenly, like a sharp stabbing pain that subsides gradually to a twinge - usually they go within about twenty minutes. I was told that sometimes damaged nerve endings continue to try and knit themselves together but never quite make it, so intermittant pain can be permanent. The pains that I get can be quite sharp at first, but only briefly - they soon turn into discomfort rather than actual pain, so they've not bothered me unduly.

  • Very similar experience almost 5yrs post op.

  • Hi, every day since Esophajectomy 2012. It seems like it is something we just have to learn to live with, great xx

  • There probably are quite a lot of muscles in odd places that may not have been worked very hard since your surgery, especially when they may not have re-knitted together as well as they were beforehand. The idea of 'stretching' scar areas never feels very comfortable, does it! Try holding the dog lead with the other hand for a while? It does not sound serious enough to go to a physiotherapist about, but that might be an option in due course?

  • I'm also coming up to 4 years post op and I get exactly the same. Always the right hand side, very intermittent and usually if I get up quickly from a low chair, or after bending down in the garden. I suppose we just learn to live with it. After all of us have gone through its not a great price to pay 😎

  • My husband found his right tit would erect surprisingly for about 18 months after the op! He also had some nerve pain for a while, but that went away. I hope yours does too.

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