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feeling sickly

I don't want anyone to think that I am making it worse for recovery. It has been 14 months since

my surgery and I have yet to have a day that I don't feel sick at one point of each day. I know I

should be grateful that they caught the cancer early but am becoming very depressed with the

daily sickness. How has anyone been able to cope with this. I am at the very end of putting up

with this. Please let me know what your coping mechanism . Thank you


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When you have this surgery / treatment it is meant to make you better, and if you are still feeling nausea, then the treatment is not finished yet, so don't feel ungrateful about not wanting to suffer this side effect. You should go back to the hospital through the specialist nurse and see if they can get it fixed. It is not normally a sign of the cancer coming back, by the way. The things that it might be are:

Perhaps your new stomach is not clearing properly, and food is hanging around. So they may give your pyloric sphincter (valve at the base of the stomach) a stretch to improve things.

People do take domperidone to help with nausea, but you have to read the instructions carefully. I believe you have it take it a set time well before you start eating in order for it to work, and / or perhaps the dosage might need adjusting.

There may be alternatives to domperidone like metoclopramide (but it needs six weeks to be fully effective); or erythromycin.

The reasons for nausea can sometimes be quite complicated, and you might need to see a gastroenterologist with experience of seeing patients after an oesophagectomy. But at this stage it does not seem likely to go away on its own, so you may need to be persistent in going back to get it fixed. Do not wait until your next routine checkup, because it is an important issue in its own right.


Sorry to hear this, I had unbareable nausea and vomiting for a while after surgery and really struggled with this. I took Levomepromzine which I found effective but can make you sleepy so I would take it at night and would take me through to next evening. I also found warm baths soothing which helped me. Eventually things have settled down and rarely feel nauseous now or vomit, I am 3.5 years post surgery. Hang in there it will get better though I do remember how down it made me feel so really feel for you. Take care x


And if you'd like to talk to someone you can call the OPA helpline and we'll find a volunteer to discuss this. It's 01217049860. Do you come to our meetings? Have a look a the website and check out your nearest meeting.


Ginger tea is a natural and effective anti-nausea aid. Simply grate a 1" cube of fresh ginger root into a teapot amd add boiling water. Leave to steep for 6 mins and serve with a little natural sweetener such as stevia or xylitol. Sip throughout the day. The cold tea can be used as a cordial, topped up with sparkling mineral water, which is very refreshing. Good luck!


After 3 years post op I still have nausea attacks after certain meals. Although I try to be very careful with my diet it is still very much trial and error at times. Also can there be no real pattern. For example just had a coffee and mince pie and now feel quite ill. However had the same yesterday and was fine. In the early days I certainly found metoclopramide very helpful. Just try to keep experimenting with your diet and keep a diary of things.


I feel for you it is so hard I am 8 years down the line my lower bowel acts as a stomach and had the lower part of the oesophagus removed. I was 47 I am no longer able to work. I have bowel problem daily no control, reaching to be sick, It did really get me down frightened to go out probably about the same time my daughter took me to the Dr seeing that I was depressed. It is a case of learning to live with a new body with time you get used to it. I am sure there must be something get rid of it. Agree with Alan don't wait for your next check up suffer.

Good Luck hope you get it sorted sooner than later, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!


I agree with Alan. You need to go back to see your consultant. What you are experiencing is not normal.


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