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suspicious looking stomach gastric bubble on x ray

Hi, I stumbled on this group an am hoping you may be able to help explain few things for me regarding : suspicious looking stomach bubble on x ray.

Am currently member on lung site re lung issues I have. Of late I have developed issues with low antibodies and vitaminD deficanacy and stomach problems. Feels like something in my guts squashing bottom of my lung.

With my lung issues I have had quite a few chest lung X-rays but since my last trip to AE where I had other XRay done of my lungs following chest infection.

I seen on my latest xray a rank looking stomach bubble was quite obvious LOOKED like a sticker triangle in shape all white with bits of black. Never seen out like it before on my xray. I thought gastric stomach bubbles was black on xray unless iodine contrast had been used.

Currently am under GI & Liver doc to try find cause of my issues .. I have had a colonoscopy & contrast ct scan of my abdomen pelvis thorax am waiting for results of

I just tad concerned as I thought stomach bubbles was always black on xray

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Interpreting x-rays is not our thing as we are generally not medically qualified. As with all these tests, they sometimes show up anomalies that we never knew we had, but there is probably somebody at the hospital who would work out what it is. It is the kind of puzzle that would appeal to the experts I suspect.

I hope it sorts out your problems.

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Hi cheers yer i know that. Thanks for reply.

Am just after finding out if anyone else as had similar experience with regard what i have talked about.

Am not due to get results of my various test till early january.


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