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Persistent Burping/Belching

I have had a problem of persisting belching over the last 10 years on a daily basis Although this I not a life threatening condition it causes me a lot of discomfort. I have seen a consultant and an endoscopy revealed nothing Occasionally I have periods of remission but these are short lived I do not think this is a dietary problem and certainly not psychological .I have tried all the digestive pills and potions relating to IBS with no success

I would appreciate readers comments explanation and remedy

Thanks Al

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I have had this developing recently, researched diet a little, stopped drinking coffee and it disappeared within 36 hours.......


Hi Thanks for your comments on an IBS related topic

Yes certainly coffee does not help and pastry is something to be aware of and avoided

It is interesting to have found that spicy food does not make the problem worse and in fact plain rice is beneficial



i have recently been suffering from this and am awaiting an endoscopy. However, I have noticed that when i drink alcohol or eat very spicy or peppery foods, my symptoms worsen. I often belch immediately when I get up in the morning and straight after breakfast, and this continues throughout the day, but is dependent on the food I eat. I would recommend keeping a food diary to see if it worsens after eating particular foods.


Thanks for your feedback Your symptoms mirror mine I.e. no problems on waking up but discomfort straight after breakfast I have discovered that the condition is far worse when my stomach is empty but that does not account for the fact that at the start of the day before eating it is ok

I try to avoid coffee and pastry which aggrevates the condition

I was pleased to find someone on line with this problem as I felt that I was the only one



Exactly the same as me, eating does help and when I am hungry it does hurt more. I am hoping the endoscopy does not show anything serious but I do want some answers as it really is getting me down. I love spicy food so I have had to stop eating things with chilli in and I only have one caffeinated coffee in the morning. Alcohol does also aggrevate it but that is something I will just have to cope with as I can't go without my weekend shiraz!

I also find that milk before I go to bed helps - have you raised your bed by putting a brick under each foot? My doctor advised me to do this as it helps stop the acid coming back up the gullet and it really does stop it happening.

I hope you feel better soon.


Good luck with your endoscopy Whilst in bed lying down I have NO problem .Like yourself I do enjoy red wine and drink a glass every night but even if I don't drink the problem still persists!

I drink very little coffee now which did not help

I can eat spicy food without making matters worse



It is some kind of stomach gas buildup which echos through your

esophogus to your mouth. Do you have bad breadth? or other smells?

I get really sick with occasional acid reflux. I was diagnosed with

stomach and esophogael Adencarcinoma with focal signet ring features.

The oncologist recently perscribed Prochlorperazine 10 MG tablets

every 6 hours as necessary. I take it when i go to bed. i think it has





Hi David Thanks f or your message Fortunately no bad breath or similar problems My endoscopy revealed nothing and my doctor told me that the belching problem was not life threatening but nevertheless I am in discomfort for much of the day

I sometimes think it could be a very small hernia and there are times when the condition is not present Diet makes no difference and medication is not effective Once again Thanks Alastair


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