Bile/reflux five years on

I know I have asked this question before but 5 and a half years on I am still getting bad bile /reflux and sick every night. is there anything that I can suggest to my GP apart from lansoprazole and metoclopramide. I am on my 4th or 5th course of antibiotics in a short space of time as I keep getting chest infections because it goes straight onto my lungs, I have stopped eating after lunchtime to try and make it better but its just getting so bad I don't know what to try next . I have phoned the hospital and I should be getting a appointment to see the consultant but apart from another stretch I don't think he can suggest any other medication that might help me.

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  • Hi handy,I was on the PPIs (omeprozole etc) for 2/12 years but did nothing for me 2nd endoscopy after 2 years from 1st showed my ulcers had got worse,Doctor switched me to the old type of drug ranitidine,3rd endoscopy showed improvement still not feeling right waiting to see specialist again to see if I can have op for my HH,all the best

  • Hi Handy,

    You could ask your doctor if you can try and stop the metoclopramide in case it is causing your digestion processes to push too hard.

    I use 25 mg of amitriptyline every evening to help me get good sleep and also events their pain and stomach contractions over night.

    To help combat the file reflux symptoms you could try Alevera juice, a hot drink before bed.



  • Sorry to hear that Handy, have you tried to sleep with your head elevated? I sleep on my wedge bed pillow which keeps my head/upper body elevated to keep stomach content stays down there... I'm about 6 months after op (partial esophagus removal), only dealing with some indegestion. All the best...

  • unfortunately I still manage to slip down in the bed and its an electric adjustable one sill I will keep trying but thanks for your reply Krissres.

  • Gutless Wonder has sent me a copy of an article about Bile Acid Malabsorption

    It can give you chronic watery diarrhoea. The article, like much medical writing, is hard going for those of us who are not qualified, but I think the gist of it is that bile acid circulates through the system in a very finely balanced way and when it gets unbalanced it can cause a lot of trouble, including watery diarrhoea. The medication they mention is cholestyramine (Questran), colestipol and colesevelam. Not something to do without the support of your doctor(s), but the article may give something for them to consider for you.

  • Are you post-esophagectomy?

  • Hi

    I take 150 mg ranitidine and gaviscone every evening before bed, and as long as a don't slip down my bed wedge seems to work.

  • Thank you all for all of your reply; s it has give me a few ideas to think about.

  • Thank you all for the reply's

  • I Posted, what I think is the solution to this problem, last week. It was a long post, so am unable to do it all again just now. I don't know how you can find my post, but if you can, it might just be the solution for you. I have just woken with the first signs of bile so am about to drink my 1st of about 5 coffees. That will dilute the bile. Then I will vomit it up. Then I will go back to bed. This is my 1st such attack for a fortnight. Try and find my other post. Meanwhile lay off the lansoprazole. lansoprazole retards acid production. As bile is alkali you need acid to neutralize it . Good luck.

  • Just a thought...

    We tried the "electric bed" but found, like you, that it didn't really help, because it "sits you up"

    What did work was elevating the head of the bed by about 6".

    ( we put two house bricks under the legs of the bed)

    So the bed is flat but inclined.

    This improved matters greatly, and helped to keep things down.

    Give it a try...

  • Maybe you should try a dietary exclusion diet just to see what foods are causing so much discomfort I am NOT a doctor but this cause of action may be of help

    From experience I now avoid coffee and pastry


  • A cup of dry popcorn every night before bed has been very successful for me others here in the US.

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