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Down With Acid

Chris Robinson of Barretts Wessex has been compiling a reference work for patients over the last few months, called "Down With Acid" written in lay person's language by a fellow sufferer with all factual content researched and referenced.

The book is now complete and may be downloaded from the Down With Acid website: DownWithAcid.org.uk

Chris is trying to obtain funding for an initial print run, but printed copies will eventually be available at cost, £5 per copy, plus postage, with proceeds paying for future print runs.

In the meantime, Chris is providing 100 copies himself which he is giving away to anyone donating a minimum of £6.50 to the Barrett's Wessex's Fine Bore Endoscope appeal via VirginMoneyGiving.com/BarrettsWessex

So this will be an interesting book for anyone wanting to find out more about stomach acid.

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While I applaud Mr. Robinson's effort in writing his book, the information provided is simply the conventional medicine approach with six pages of "natural remedies" tossed in. The problem is low acid. The solution is not a single remedy and certainly not a drug or surgical procedure as described. The solution is a change in lifestyle. There are many great books which provide great guidance.

As an Achalasia patient who has had an esophagectomy, I have been able to change my life with the right approach. See livingwithachalasia.org.

Our future health is determined by our current choices. Choose wisely.


You criticize another, but yet you have your own agenda. If this gentleman wishes to present a book outlining his own story and experiences, it is in no way lesser than your own. Chiropractic medicine has it's place, but be careful in trying to extrapolate it to all medical conditions.


I did not and am not saying chiropractic solves or even has any place in the care of GERD patients. It is unfortunate for those that are part of the group that they are only exposed to conventional medical care. My "agenda" is to help people based on my experience as a health care provider and patient. As you can see, my book is a free download. I do not ask for donations. Nothing. Simply to educate. Again, choices matter. And most are not even aware of all the options they have....


Dr Steve. (I don't know whether your soubriquet infers a medical degree?)

That my Down With Acid book contains "simply the conventional medicine approach with six pages of "natural remedies" tossed in" is due to the fact that everything included therein has been thoroughly researched and checked by medical colleagues.

I could find little more than anecdotal evidence to support many of the claims for "natural remedies". If you can provide me with peer reviewed research evidence to support any natural remedies, I'll include them in the next revision. But it is only a small section of a larger work as "acid reflux" is not a single issue but manifold.

I am sure your intentions and practice are fine. I have no argument with you.

There are many books already available regarding "natural health".

Some (as yours, I hope) are designed to help patients. Many are designed to make their authors rich - which is why the Down With Acid book is free. And its purpose is to explain the issues concerning acid and reflux problems which may require various management approaches. I did actually consider adding chiropractic treatment under the natural treatments for reflux section but had found both good and bad reviews and, ironically, omitted it as being controversial.


Hello Chris,

My degree is Doctor of Chiropractic. My book is written (and free with no donations requested) with the intent to help patients based on my experience as a doctor and patient. I certainly appreciate your efforts and I am sure your intentions are fine as well.

As for the "the fact that everything included therein has been thoroughly researched and checked by medical colleagues" and that you "could find little more than anecdotal evidence to support many of the claims for "natural remedies" is unfortunate. I will refer you to pubmed.gov to complete your research.

As for chiropractic being "controversial," so was Semmelweis' pioneering of antiseptic procedures.

Had I followed the guidelines which are "researched and checked by medical colleagues," I would be in very poor physical condition and quite possible dead.

I would encourage you to do further research and look here as well: functionalmedicine.org/.

This will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. We live by the choices we make.


Let's leave it at that!



Thus far I have only speed read the beta draft but there is no doubt that Chris Robinson has produced a superb compendium of knowledge - thorough,comprehensive,approachable yet scientifically literate..

By the time the final edit is printed this will be the definitive guide to the subject.

Please do send a donation to Barretts Wessex and obtain the book - it could be the best £6.50 you've ever spent.

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Thanks Gutless.


Ime happy to donate. Any reading is good reading as we are all different and what works for one may not work for another but in my eyes gaining knowledge is a good thing, don't you think. I will read anything out there. Shows me I am in no way alone in this world. Peace out xx


i am normally all for people sharing their knowledge, BUT in this instance i would prefer seeing people buy a book written by someone who is an MD. there are many good books written on acid reflux on amazon. if your suffering from it go see an MD and get some good info. that is reliable.


Fair comment, and you are right that it cannot replace books by medical experts, but some of these are not always disinterested.


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