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Test Cancer Sooner

One of the issues that the recent Cancer Task Force report focused on was earlier diagnosis of cancer, and the difference that this would make to cancer outcomes. The Cancer Task Force was chaired by Harpal Kumar, the head of Cancer Research UK who are now organising a petition to the Chancellor, George Osborne, to increase significantly the investment in equipment and staff for cancer testing. In the case of oesophageal cancer this would mean endoscopy equipment, training and biopsy facilities.

This is a link to the petition t.co/SqE5hZNy7z and the Cancer Research UK website that also has more information about the issue. The examples they give do not include oesophageal cancer, but there is a dramatic improvement in outcomes for those who are diagnosed with their cancer when it is at an early stage, so the same principle applies.

The petition stands at 12,686 signatures at the moment. Please consider making a contribution by considering this and signing the petition.

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I was on sky news talking about the importance of early diagnosis and the effects of waiting for results has a person emotionally ....


Well done! Individual patients telling their story is the best way of getting the message across in the media.

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