Five years post T/G

It''s a little past five years since I've had a total Gastrectomy and at times I still suffer with dumping syndrome and reflux. Before the operation I was a healthy 140lbs weight, now I'm less than 126lbs. I've always lived a fit lifestyle and am presently running half an hour early each morning. I'll be 84 next month and I feel it's important I keep in good shape both mentally and physically as I live alone. I would like to gain some weight and understand why it is I have these unexpected bouts of burning in the day and nights.

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  • Sorry, I can't help with your question, if I were you I'd speak to your doctor about the burning sensation. I wanted to reply just to say you're doing pretty well if you're managing to run for half an hour each day, I'm in my seventies and I can't even run for the bus!

  • Sorry Magpuss, I've little confidence in doctors not qualified in the subject matter. It must have been about eleven to twelve years ago I visited my doctor with my stomach problems. He diagnosed it as irritable bowel syndrome! By the time I had a proper check the cancer had spread.

  • congrats on your age and running. At a guess, I would think the burning is bile reflux as this is something I suffer from. An article published by the mayo clinic said that acid does not burn, whereas bile causes a burning sensation and the need to vomit. good luck

  • Thanks Alan, It must be the bile. I've got use to the burning lower down by now and just wait for it to passes. I've discovered that by sucking Mint Humbugs to relieve it.

    Though I've only experienced the bile burn my throat on a very few occasions, it was the most unbearable.

  • Hi lonestray, you're an inspiration to us all, well done. I'm really struggling trying to run, although I'll keep at it.

    Life and especially eating is never the same again after TG, but heh, we're alive.

    Carry on the good work and enjoy every day (sounds as though you do!).

    Hilary x

  • Hi Hilary, I've been running all my life both mentally and physically. My whole life has been unconventional from the beginning. It's only in recent years I ceased my mental running from my early life in Ireland. When I was informed that I had cancer, it came as no surprise, just another of life's challenges. In one way i was very fortunate in that I had spent 13/14 years looking after my wife who suffered with Alzheimer's. Against all advice I chose to look after her at home, on my own 24/7 till she passed. Over those years I learned more about the illness than any expert.

    That was another major challenge in my life. I learned to live a day at a time and learn something new along the way.

    Though I've grown up without a family, home or formal education, I've had an amazing life. Life is made up of positives and negatives you can't have light without both. As for running: strain to train, don't train to strain.

  • Hi Lonestray ...

    i dont reply very often on this site but i always read posts on behalf on my partner Ivor Lewis operation 2 1/2 yrs ago ...

    but after reading your post felt a need to say what an inspiration of life you are ... we all have challenges but not so many of us manage them as strong as you have so all the best to you .

  • Hi Lonestray, You had a gastrectomy and I had an esophagectomy, so I don't know if your burning sensation is the same as mine. I find I get the burning feeling if I haven't eaten for a while, like during the night or first thing in the morning. As soon as I eat, even just a biscuit, the burning stops.

  • Hi Patchworker, The burning sensation I find is so unpredictable, often during the night and about an hour and a half to two hours after breakfast. During the night I take a sip of Lucozade that I keep by the bedside, it helps.

    Another problem I experience in the morning is burping, but that's no big deal.

  • Hi, I had a total gastrectomy just over 3 years ago and at that time weighed over 200 lbs, I am now 133 lbs fluctuating up and down around 140. You obviously a lot fitter than myself, just turned 77 on 10th and suffer with the bile burning sensations during the day when do bring up some bile but also at night when have coughing for about an hour bringing up phlem and some bile but have an awful burning sensation in the oesophagus that eventually goes away over that hour. I have always suffered eating and drinking issues whereby it is painful passing it down the oesophagus, I was told this would last 18 months, then 2 years now will always be there as will the burning bile, no real explanation. Probably like you I have good days and some bad ones but managing to eat and keep a reasonable weight, certainly don't want to go back to 200 lbs plus. At 84 and running you sound as though doing great, but do sympathise with the bile burning sensations they are frustrating and you have to suffer them to understand. Good luck from a fellow sufferer.


  • Hi Rob, I've participated in sport all my life, that is from about age 18, and competed at international level. So you see it's no big deal for me. I live life my way and ignore boundaries, had little option, had no adults in my early life to turn to. That's another story. Yes I have good days and today is an exceptional one. On days like this I look forward to eating, though I may eat too much, but if I don't try I wont learn.

    Tiredness appears to be part of the price we pay, but then I'm told it's part of growing old. Like most things in life I don't accept that and attempt to discover for myself.

    My favourite song: "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life". Hang in there.

  • Hi, it is all good when one thinks of the alternative, I have come to accept the issues I have and make the most of things. When you think of how your body is now i.e. no stomach it is just amazing how it adapts and your favourite song is bang on.

    Just about to have my weekly eggs,bacon,hash browns tomatoes and toast??t

    Best wishes


  • Hi there, Strange, I'm just about have bacon and egg with a wide range of vegetables for lunch to day. In the past few days I seem to have adjusted better and am keen to eat more.

    I wish you well.


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