About my achalasia

achalasia was identified in 2000. by some treatment like barium test, endoscopy and vallon dialation now also, i can manage sallowing problem by hot water. I do not have much problem. recently i went for endoscopy, doctor said it is ok. in the night you take sorbitrate 5mg. Some times I feel blood in mouth, i do not whether it is because of my teeth problem or due to achalasia.

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  • There is a page for achalasia on the OPA website


    Most people find warm, rather than cold or hot, water helpful, but each person is different.

    Sorbitrate is a medication that helps with blood flow and this may help some people's nerves function better, but if you find blood in your mouth I think it would be wise to see your doctor to find the reason for this. Do you suffer from nose bleeds? I am not medically qualified but I have not personally heard of bleeding being caused from achalasia.

    If you suffer from acid reflux, this can affect your teeth, and it would be a good idea to ask your dentist for advice.

  • Thank you, I do not have nose bleeding problem. yes i suffer from acid refelux and i have problem in my teeth.

    My latest endoscopy report is below

    OESOPHAGUS: Tight LES with forthy residue and gr-2 GERD with tags

    Stomach: Normal

    Duodenum: Normal

    Doctor said report is ok.

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