First year anniversary post op

Yes, today I am celebrating my first year after a transhiatal oesophagectomy. After 7 months of being diagnosed TIIIN2M0 tumor in the distal part of the oesoph. and after Chemio and Radio I was through the op, and now I am free of cancer and enjoying life with no limitations.

I want to let all the wonderful people of this site know this good news because I found a lot of help from them sharing their experiences and probably my good experience may give a little hope to others that are now in the middle of the battle against this tough ome other.

Keep on this good job and may God bless all of you

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  • Great news Trinta. May you enjoy many more years. The world is your oyster, go for it.

    Kind Regards


  • Thank you Steve I will go for it.

  • Congratulations and well done. Always good to hear positive feedback. Xxx

  • Thank you yorkshirerose.

  • Hi Trinta,

    Well done,

    A little bit of catch up to do as I am 9 years out next month.

    Kindest regards,

    Dave C

  • Many thanks DaveChuter and congratulations for your coming nine year anniversary

  • "no limitations"! - as you will know from reading this site you are indeed fortunate to be able t say that. Good luck to you.


  • Thanks fortunatus, to be more precise "almost no limitations" , but for me and as you say reading this site , eat slow, small amount of food at a time, dilation from time to to time, take lansoprazol each day , etc its no a big deal

  • So very happy for you Trinta. Keep on keeping well. Best wishes.

  • Thank you so much, Agood

  • Well done. I also had transhiatal surgery, same staging as yours. I well remember reaching the first year and the achievement. I am now 21yrs into this journey. So good luck on your journey sally

  • Thank you sallym, I wish to follow your journey

  • Congratulations it is a great feeling and so happy you are enjoying life without complications! We are so all blessed!

  • Thank you very much listen.

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