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Chest pain and breathing problems?

Hi all

I hope everyone is well as can be expected this lovely sunny day 😊

Please can i have your advice? I have felt very uncomfortable today, I havent eaten anything but I have had pain in my chest and as the day has gone on I have felt that I am not getting enough air?

When I try to breath deeply the pain in my chest increases could this be the Achalasia?

I find that after a couple of mouthfuls of food I am really struggling for breath and have to breath really deeply to get enough air into my lungs? Could this be my easophagus leaning on my trachea?

I rang my consultants secretary today but they still haven't had the Monemtry tests back yet so I have to call back on Friday hopefully they will have arrived and she can get me in to see the doc ASAP

I just need a bit of reassurance really and wondered if any of you lovely people could help me 😊

Thank you


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Hi Diane. I too suffered with awful chest pain. It came whenever it pleased and it was awful. This is one of the symptoms of the A. Ime not quite sure about shortness of breath but the sooner you can be seen the better. Hopefully when you call back tomorrow they will have your results back. Take care Diane and big Huggs from Aberdeen xx


Hi Pauline

I feel a bit better today but the pain is underlying if you know what I mean? I had a stressful day at work yesterday which didn't help I suppose. I rang the secretary yesterday and the report isn't back yet got to ring again tomorrow hopefully they will have it and she said she will make sure the doc sees it? With a bit of luck I might be able to see him next week, I will let you know 😊 xx

Take care





I am always cautious when responding as I am aware that one persons symptoms/problems may not be the same as the other persons. So with that in mind ;^)

I get really bad chest pains which make it difficult to breathe normally due to the pain when inhaling & exhaling. I then realised that I was also getting full up when I ate very small amounts - like a single digestive biscuit or if I drank a cup of tea.

My surgeon had me back in to hospital and he stretched my stomach exit, as he found that food was not getting out of my stomach quickly enough. In effect I was permanently full up. The relief (excuse the pun) was instant and I felt great for about four weeks. It has now returned and I am back in hospital tomorrow for another endoscopy and dilation if required.

I have the same issue with my throat closing up and have so far had to have three stretches in seven months. It is getting better but I currently have a sore throat and worry every swallow that my cancer is back. I know that this is stupid and it is likely just as simple as "I have a sore throat" tomorrow will tell.

I am sure that your symptoms will be fixable - as are mine.

I wish you well.

Bruce xx

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I am assuming that you have not previously had any surgery?

The stress that you mention could well have made things worse. The spasms might have affected your chest and breathing. You might try small amounts of soothing liquid (some prefer warm; some ice cold) that might have a beneficial effect. It might be that something like Buscopan might help?

But it really does need somebody who knows what they are talking about to advice you, and you are right to be seeing your consultant!


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