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Is there anyone here who cancer was attached to Aorta .I was diagnosed in November 2012 with squamous cell carcinoma and was told that chemotherapy and radiotherapy was the best treatment for this cancer .I went down that line .in December 2013 I started having problems again with food sticking in my oesophgaus and I would have to live with that because that was the side effects of the treatment in May of 2014 I rushed in to hospital I couldn't eat or drink they dilated my oesophgaus. The doctor who preformed the dilated was happy on what he saw done biopsy .a week later I couldn't eat or drink again so a feeding tube was put in .a pet scan was done and my cancer back bigger than it was before they done operation in August of this this and they discovered it had attached it self to Aorta .I am C T scans every five months they think it will grow back .I would only have chemotherapy to slow down the growth of the tumour. I have been lucky far it hasn't grew. It a worrying Times waiting on the results of these c t scans.other day the doctor found a lump below my breast bone I am now waiting for a scan of this lump and a needle aspiration. Only good thing about this is that I can eat and enjoyed my food again in small amounts .

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Hello annie1234

I don't have any experience of this but here is an historical post on a similar topic.

Which Hospital is treating you ?

You are in our thoughts.



Hi Annie, I'm really sorry to hear all you've been through and still enduring!

My SCC tumour wasn't ATTACHED to my Aorta - but WAS too close to my heart and lungs to safely operate. Again, there is apparently good clinical evidence that Chemo + combined Radical Chemo/Radio(R/T) is as good as an Oesophagectomy.

Other info. I've established from my Oncologist after surveillance scans since is that

the continued problem with eating/swallowing could most likely be resultant scar tissue from the R/T. It still takes up some space where they've blitzed the tumour because it 'hardens', although doesn't grow.

In my case, I still have problems if I eat (mainly white) bread/some meats, etc. - so I just eat wholemeal occasionally, more 'minced' meat; still have to chew, chew, chew everything else - but 2.5 yrs. post-treatment, I've now put back the 2 stone - and more! which I lost when I couldn't eat and was on a Naso-Gastric tube for feeding (even for a couple of months after treatment ended). I had a 'stetch' when they took NG tube out. I was told I may need more of them, but haven't. I feel great and am really so grateful to all the team who treated me.

Initially, after my quarterly scans they couldn't always decide whether the 'shadows' were either inflammation, ulceration or scar tissue - it was just the scar tissue!

I do hope it could be the same in your case?

And it's normal to worry about every little problem afterwards; we need to be wary of any recurrence and alert the specialists early re: any current problems - which you seem to be doing, Well Done!

Fingers crossed your breast biopsy turns out to be a harmless cyst - BUT, having been through what you have, if it is more sinister, it does sound like you've got/built the strength to face whatever you have to. Life's precious - Good Luck ahead! I'm sure everyone reading your post wishes you the same. Regards, Sue


Thank you sue.


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