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Calorific foods

I thought that I would share a few snacks that have helped me gain a few pounds in the last month and may be others also have some tips-

1. Asda mini macaroons - 15 in a pack and 90 calories each. They're bite sized and I get through a pack a day which equates to 1350 calories. I keep them in my ruck sack and also my work desk and bed side table.

2. Werthers originals - I always take a pack when shopping as after a few minutes of walking about I get hungry and pop one of them in my mouth to keep me going and keep the blood sugar levels up.

3. Chips - 4 medium potatoes(waxy), I find Asda's finest range perfect. Sprinkle with paprika and olive oil. Put in the oven for 25mins at 200 degrees. Note, add salt and cider vinegar to lower the GI and make them taste nice. I tend to eat the chips in 4 small sittings whilst watching Topgear. Approx 600 calories.

4. franks diabetic ice cream. Lots of small servings whilst in bed. Usually get through half a litre a night. Approx 500 calories.

I've been on this 'diet' for a few months and put on 1 pound per month on average. It is a bit bland and I do eat some other fruit and veg.

I have to say I would to what works well for others. Let us know...

Happy eating,


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That's interesting Jay ,thanks .I don't need to put weight on but I know an elderly person who does and its always good to share tips .

She ( or her lovely boyfriend really ) adds cheese to her chips .

Can I ask why the diabetic ice cream ?


Hi Violet,

Diabetic ice cream is slightly better than regular ice cream as it is less likely to produce 'dumping syndrome', basically when there is too much sugar in your blood stream and start to feel tired/hot etc.


Towards the end of my post-op chemo (just ended) I lived on an appalling diet - mainly Sugar Puffs with milk, crumpets with butter and strawberry jam, and tinned grapefruit - the grapefruit only more than three hours before or after the capecitabine tablets, as it can affect uptake. Suddenly, I'd get an idea in my head, such as a toasted teacake, and just have to have one... I began to think I might be pregnant.

Chemo affects the taste buds and olefactory senses, apparently, but I did begin to wonder if it was more a problem in my head that I suddenly couldn't eat things I'd previously enjoyed, such as porridge.

I'm still waiting for normality to return (I stopped taking the meds four days ago) so that I can once again eat eggs and cooked meats - just two of a whole range of foods that I can't face right now. Strange feeling.

The upside is that my weight dropped from nearly 14 stone to 11 stone, giving me a BMI of around 23 - the healthiest weight I've been in years. Ivor Lewis vs Weight Watchers? No contest. Good tip about diabetic ice cream, Jay - I'll give that a go for sure - thank you.

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