Exercises for a flatter stomach post Transhiatal op

My stomach/torso is very flabby and to be frank ,big !

I suspect some of this is due to my diet but I also think I've lost a lot of muscle tone .

I'm thinking of Tupler exercises ( which seem to be holding the muscles in and trying to pull your tummy button in ) but wondered what others had done to get back in shape and regain strength in this area .

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  • My remedy has been plenty of walking. Good medium - fast paced walking shoulders back, chest out, for 35-40 minutes every day. My stomach stll looks a bit weird around the scar but the muscle tone has largely returned. Even 22 months post op I still "feel" the scar but I am sure that walking has been of huge benefit. At first the walking was sore and hard but gradually things got better and nowadays it is just one of those things I do every day. On Saturday morning I walked up Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh with 13kg of camera kit on my back. I felt it but I am nearly 60!

  • Thanks haward .I'm sure walking would help but I get terrible back ache from walking ,due in part I think to poor core stability .Which in turn Ithink is partly due to poor muscle tone in stomach area .

    So looking for specific toning for that area .

  • Hi, i bought a big ball and sat on it to watch Tv etc for a short time each day gradually getting more and went to the gym and used some weight machines with no weight on them it helped with core stabilitu xxxxx

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