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Acid Reflux

Hi I have starting getting acid reflux each day and during the night, I take Lansoprazole twice a day and Gaviscon when needed. I have had my PPI changed twice now As it is Christmas I would like to be able to have an alcoholic drink like a glass of wine etc but I have tried wine, sherry, port but all give me acid /heartburn that lasts for hours on and off. I Aldo suffer if I eat mince pies, cake etc I can see me having a very limited Christmas lol I take one Lansoprazole in the morning but have tried taking the second one before eating early evening and just before bed. Does anyone know of anything I could try?

Merry Christmas to everyone


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I find that PEPTAC (prescribed by my GP) works well for me. I take 10ml before bed. The one time I forgot recently, I had severe acid reflux during the night. By the way, I too discovered that mince pies are particularly likely to cause a problem. On the other hand, ginger biscuits / cookies are great; as is ginger beer.


I find that alcohol on an empty stomach (duodenum) is very irritating, likely because it shoots through my system like Sherman through Georgia.

Having a little food helps me, and the dumping syndrome causes alcohol to enter the intestines where it can be very irritating.

Hope this helps. /wc


It depends, really, on whether you enjoy the taste of these things so much at the time that you don't mind them punishing your system and making you feel dreadful afterwards, doesn't it! I think I would be inclined to confine the treats to something that you know won't upset you, and just pretend that it is your old-time favourite. Your digestive system does not change, as such, for festivals!


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