Mr Administrator.

Approx a month ago I changed my email address. But the newsletter keeps going to my old email address. When I tried updating it again I got the message the email address had already been taken. I then tried emailing your help page to get this matter resolved but that too is not working as I got the message that the page had not been found. sigh....

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  • Hi turnex. Email me at and I'll email you a Newsletter and get the email address problem fixed at Head Office. I know how irritating these things are - they happen to me too!



  • Hi

    I have picked up your query about an email issue. Please call the Website service provider Global Graphics on 0121 288 0063 and speak to Michael Eccleston. You can unsubscribe from the old email address and then re-type in your new email address. Maggie Robinson 0121 704 9860 (call me if you want any help).

  • hi Maggie

    I have spoken to a very friendly and helpful Michael Eccleston this morning and he has resolved the glitch for me. thank you ever so much.

  • Thats good news yes he is very good isn't he. Take care - Maggie

  • Hi guys

    Just to let you know this HealthUnlocked newsletter is STILL going into my hotmail address and not the gmail one that I requested it goes into. Not sure what to do now. sigh....

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