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Post op oesophagectomy

Dumping syndrome coughing when eating fatigued breathlessness But am still here so I'm not complaining lol

Just wondering if things will start to improve I keep reading of others climbing mountains running etc I so want to be able to do these things myself I used to love going on long walks I've climbed Snowden

I get frustrated that I still can't and I'm 2 years post op plus part of my left leg gets really painful pins and needles

Oops said I wasn't complaining sorry

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After such a major operation you're never going to be as normal as you were before. I am six years post up and I would put my life quality at about 85% of what it was before. Continue to take your doctor and surgeons advice and I'm afraid it is something you are going to have to learn to live with and manage.


Thanks Sensus I need get my brain to realise that I won't be able to do everything I used to do


I am 5 years on and fairly active but have learned that energy out relies on energy in. So I carry food with me so I can keep topped up. My in inspiration is a lady I know who had her op in her seventies, she is now inher nineties.


Wow she sounds a fantastic lady


Hi Margie, I am just over a year post op. Dumping is less frequent now - I keep some sweets/choc in my bag at all times! I do cough a bit when eating - my GP prescribed me a nasal spray which I use in the morning which seems to help. My Lansoprazole was doubled by the Consultant at the Marsden from 30mg to 60mg - so I take one morning and night, which I believe also helps. I am building my strength by trying to get to the gym 2 or 3 times a week again - although I'm enjoying the pool, steam room and Jacuzzi more these days! I do count myself very lucky. Not sure about mountains........ but start with a hill and build up gradually. Our bodies have been through a lot and need some gentle persuation - tell yourself yon CAN rather than you can't! Good luck...... Love Angi x


Thank you Angi I need get my brain into gear and as you said I CAN do it I will try the swimming and work up from there thanks again

Love Margie xx


It took a long time for the docs to figure out the situation with nerve-type pain in my left leg that started after my op. A nerve conduction test showed nerve damage in the left thigh, but cause is unknown. My nutritional status was very poor at time of op, and this has led to many problems post-op. I still fatigue easily 4-1/2 years out, and cannot do many of the things that were possible post-op. You are most certainly not alone.

I take gabapentin 600mg three times daily, and this has greatly helped the nerve pain. I also have severe bone pain post-op, and I see pain management for that. If you feel that the "pins and needles" are nerve pain (neuropathy), there are certainly things available to help you with that.

Many times post-op there are problems that leave the docs scratching their heads. The important thing is to keep fighting, keep plugging. Best of Luck to you.


I like walking too, and my wife tells me that it was three years before I did not wheeze up hills. Gradually a level of stamina does return, but probably not what you had before. But keep checking on your diet regarding the dumping syndrome. Try the low glycemic index food as if you were a diabetic. And keep a check on vitamin / mineral levels.

It is part of the treatment you received that you should aim to get the best possible quality of life afterwards, and just because you have been successfully treated for cancer does not mean that you should not try and attain the best you can (and still be grateful)!


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