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Hospice Care Week

Hospices are places where everyone would prefer not to go to (yet), but that does not mean that they are dismal places. Far from it. They are experts in pain relief. St John's Hospice in St John's Wood (where I went yesterday, but not as a prospective patient) has been looking after some patients for years, and regularly discharges patients home after stabilising their condition. They can do more for you if you do not leave it until the last six weeks or so of your life. They really put themselves out to form a good relationship with their patients and families, and it is a much better situation than a busy hospital. I have put a post up on our OPA Charlie's Circle community (click on the My Communities banner above to find it) which has been set up to cater for those being looked after with palliative care. So it most likely does not affect you as you read this, but you might like to have it in the back of your minds, just in case.

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