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recurring cancer

Four years post op and in March given the unwelcome news, following a routine CT scan, that there were enlarged abdominal lymph nodes and therefore likely the cancer had returned. Not easy to deal with, but two more three monthly scans later, my cancer specialist nurse phoned to say my case had again been discussed at the oncology team meeting. This consists of consultants, surgeons, radiologists and all concerned with treatment. I also had an endoscopy the other week, and that did not reveal anything nasty other than the tender inflamed area caused by bile reflux, but nothing much can be done with that other than persevere with various medication. The team also discussed that the latest scan showed no appreciable change in the size of lymph nodes, so watch and wait, with another scan in early December, is the way to go. It was said that it seems to be an 'indolent' cancer, which means in medical terms, slow growing and not immediately problematic. Got to be happy with that. Especially given that although an indolent cell can change into an aggressive one, this will usually happen over a relatively long time.

So if only could sort out the bile.

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Sorry to hear your news Granta. I hope it all works out ok.

Kind Regards



That is good news! But do remind them about the bile issue because the other aspects might possibly have caused that side of things to be overlooked.


Glad they're keeping an eye on things ,sounds like you have a good team .

Regarding the bile ,I was wondering the other day if the indigestion remedies like Gaviscon dual action ,that contain an alginate which ( if I understand correctly ) forms a physical barrier would help with bile ?

I know bile is different from stomach acid so maybe it would penetrate the alginate in a way that acid doesn't . Or maybe the bile is produced above where the alginate " sits " ?

Does anyone have any ideas . I'm sure it can't be that simple .



Actually you are right. Gaviscon Advance does help as it acts as you say as a blanket, helping keep the bile down. The 'standard' Gaviscon does not work on bile.

However, when at its worse, then little seems to help.

Sucralfate in suspension was the most effective. Although primarily for ulcers, it does act as a coating, so is helpful with bile reflux.

Unfortunately, at present there are production problems, and not available until 2015.

Thanks and best wishes



That's interesting Granta ,thanks .

I must say - what a tolerant and patient person you sound . I take my hat off to you .

I'd be pretty mad about " Production problems " . Still I guess our problems here in the UK are nothing compared to the USA where cost is such a big factor and so many other places ,even countries close to home like Greece ,where supply of so many major drugs is a huge problem .

I wish you all the best .


now had a whole bunch of scans that show the lymph nodes slightly increased in size, with biggest 13mm. Problem is that they seem to be causing acute back pain, so now have had nerve block injections (coeliac axis) aided by endoscopy and ultra sound. This was last week, and seems it might take a couple of weeks for nerves to die off and pain to cease. Also prescribed steroids which seem to help with the nausea and lack of appitite I have been experieincing.

Good thing is the scans do not not show any organ or bone involvement, just the swollen lymph nodes.

Had a bad patch when became dehydrated and lost a stone in weight, but seemed to have evened out now. Will let you all know how the nerve block turns out. Could really do with it working. it is supposed to be 90% effective.


Hope you are getting some relief from the acute back pain! Happy New Year!


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