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Trouble breathing at night

Hi all, hope this finds you well. I am post op 5 years this December and doing well but am having difficulty at night waking up with breathing problems, when I get up and have a drink of water it settles down and then I can get back to bed and have a second sleep. This started over the last 6 months, and did not have it before but has become a problem. I have had tests scans etc. and all clear, maybe its a mechanical thing with stomach and lungs fighting it out, any help appreciated.

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Difficult to say without knowing more details, but I wonder if it is anything to do with possible reflux, or perhaps your posture in bed? Does it make a difference when you had your last meal?

Is it worth experimenting with raising your pillows / bed (a bit more)?

Or having a couple of (extra?) gaviscon as you go to bed?

Are you doing anything differently from what you were doing 6 months ago?


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