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Non specific dysmotility oesophogus

Any one else had this ? After coughing for years , started off after a bad cold ,one year and couldn't shake it off . Went to the docs and had the usual tests . antibiotics , and ant acids , inhalers . Saw chest con , and loads of other meds tests etc Finally found that I had dysmotility . Saw lung specialist and now gastro . I have been on Domperidome for a year of so this is the only med that works for me , have had to reduce the dose as I have had high prolatin levels . But at least I am not coughing morning noon and night , to was so bad .

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Coughing can be caused by food not going down properly and the associated effects, and domperidone is sometimes given to help motility (ie food going down through digestive system). Domperidone does affect prolactin levels, so what you describe does sound logical, but unusual. It sounds as if you are getting on better now, so that is good news.


Hi OPA Alan m many thanks for your reply , Yes Domperidone does affect prolacin levels says in leaflet on meds , also the consultant said it was the Domperidone. I have had bloods done on the domeridone and off it and the levels are much lower off meds . if i dont take the Domperidone I cough non stop and have a massive amount of mucus . I think i am just odd ! Just thought I would post on here to see if anyone else had this . My Gastro con says it is quite common , but it has taken me years to get any sort of result.


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