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Hi I posted for the first time a month ago, I am relatively new to the group and have Barrett's. I was worried as I was waiting for biopsy results and feeling low and wanted advice. I have had some really good news in that I got my results and although confirmed Barrett's but no sign of malignancy so I will just be monitored as per NICE guidelines. I just wanted to thank Chrisrob, Alan M and gutless wonder for their advice and counsel. It was very much appreciated and helped me keep things in perspective.

My thanks to them and to the site for the wonderful job it is doing in educating and helping us all. I marvel at the positivity and courage shown by members and wish everyone all the best. I will keep reading and give my whole hearted support to the group. Best Wishes Lizx

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Thanks Liz. It does seem scary first of all but glad you are feeling OK now!


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