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Pyloric Sphincter open - but stomach still not emptying

My wife had her pyloric sphincter stretched today and botox injected. The pyloric sphincter is open can see it on photograph. The NG tube is still inserted. Whilst she is no longer refluxing bile into stomach, the stomach is still not emptying (they are measuring the amount she drinks and the amount that comes back up through the NG tube). Any thoughts or views?



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Doesn't the vagus nerve,unavoidably cut in places ,control things like function of pyloric sphincter ? I think in some people function returns ,maybe in this case it's not ?


Hi Tony this has been my prob for a few years, however eating carefully and with balanced diet it feels bearable. I am supremely cautious about quantity of food but that now tends to work by eating little and often.... Have had a number of pyloric stretches without Botox improved over course of 6 and a half years - good luck


Thanks HSBC for some encouraging words.


Hi. Your wife's story sounds very like mine. I was in hospital for 7 weeks after surgery and most of that was waiting for food to start moving out of my stomach and through my system. It took nearly all that time and I honestly thought it would never happen but it did for no apparent reason. The doctors decide it was a bit traumatised by being handled in the surgery and takes time to recover. I'm fine now 3 years on.


Hi Liz

Thanks for that Liz, that is exactly what I needed to hear. You have lifted my spirits!

Steve :-)


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