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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hi Everyone, I had my 31/2 year check up and my surgeon is pleased with my progress and my fitness levels are getting better, eating still a bit of a problem but no worse than many of you. So, for all of you out there just beginning this hard and painful journey back to fitness, I just want to say take baby steps and don't try to push yourself too hard. And you too will see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is definitely getting brighter for me ;-)

Edwina xxx

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Hi Edwina

I'm glad to hear things are going so well, keep up the good work --lol

Kind Regards



Hi Edwina, Well done you and as you say the rest of us as we all need to hear the good news as well as the harsh news if you get my drift, I love the fact you used the words baby step and yes they are baby step but good steps.And we all share the eating problems but we do share any ideas and new foods coming into our world, as they say little and often best phase ever. Tina xx


Hi edwina,

Congratulations every thing you say is true baby steps and don't push it too hard. I celebrated four years post treatment they took the chemo and pic line away on the 28th February 2010 and it has been a long haul back but I am feeing fantastic now. Cheers lizzy


Hi take it nice n slow I did 20 years ago the light is there it's a rocky old road so go steady John


Thanks for your comments, yes it is good to hear the good news too. I made lots of new friends when I first found the OPA site 3 years ago, and you have no idea how much you guys have helped me along the way. I have always had positive answers to questions posted, in fact I will ask a question on here before I speak to my clinician as he often cant answer some of my questions but we can help each other as we have been through it. I know I still have a way to go, but I take each day as it comes and right now looking out my window at the sun shining I think I will take a walk and listen to the birds singing.

Good luck to you all as we walk our path together xxxxx


Well done Edwina, you are right it does get better; time is your best friend if you use it wisely by not pushing too hard.

Steve xx

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Hi Steve, nice to see you, how you doing? xx


Hi there - great to hear some good news, much appreciated.


Hello Edwina,

I am just a few months behind you - I shall be 3 years post-op in mid-May. Like you, i have noticed quite a difference as time has gone by. I started 3 gym sessions a week some two years ago, so have felt physically well for that period of time - at least reasonably well. My main problem has been with eating and for the better part of my post-op period, I have essentially eaten to keep body and soul together, not really for enjoyment. However, I have noticed a distinct improvement over the last few months and now look forward to food, at least some of the time. That is not to say that I don't sometimes get dumping but only fairly rarely. I guess that essentially, we all have a different experience but for those who are still where I was some time ago, there is the real prospect of getting back to something like normality.

My very good wishes and long may it continue,



Great news really pleased for you and good advice. You will get to the end of the tunnel with time. Well Done.


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