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Hi, I'm 2 half years post Ivor Lewis and havebeen diagnosed with mild oesphagitus, excuse my spelling, since then I've doubled up on

Omeprozole and take metoclopramide for bile.I'm not due to see my consultant until May and can't help worrying, he wasn't at all worried. I had an endoscopy to discover this and wonder if he'll give me another to see what's going on down there. When can you expect to relax a bit more!

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Oesophagitis is irritation of the oesophagus often caused by stomach acid or bile, and many, many people get this in the general population. If it is mild then that is probably even more reassuring.

It is prudent to make sure that continuing exposure to acid / bile is not causing you major problems, and the endoscopy seems to have done this. It is not sensible to have too many endoscopies too close together but your medical team will be the best people to judge that.

It is sensible to keep an eye on the medication and how you are feeling, and sometimes medication like omeprazole does have to be adjusted, or perhaps an alternative (eg lansoprozole) to see whether that works any better for you. Sometimes changing medication can have temporary side effects. Having over-the-counter remedies like gaviscon can be taken as well because they work differently from PPIs like omeprazole, but if you have any queries, your doctor will advise you.

It is easy for me to say that you need not worry; that is easier said than done of course. I think there is a gradual process of getting used to your new situation, taking a wider perspective about aches and pains that are not cancer recurring, regaining the confidence to trust the signals that your body is telling you about, and gradually resuming life after cancer treatment. But it is not easy, and does take a lot more time, reflection, thought, discussion with your family and sometimes more specialist help like a counsellor just to check that things are going along OK.


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