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Macmillan Skype Buddy System

I am sure that we all support the good work that is done by Macmillan Cancer Support. One of their new initiatives is a collaboration with skype, so that people can communicate with each other and support people going through their cancer journeys. So if you have a computer with broadband connection and a webcam, and are interested in doing some on-line training and helping others, you might like to explore the idea further.

The details are here:


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On a slightly different topic. I joined the Macmillan Oesophageal cancer group a while ago when it was in its old format. Since it changd I am unable to log on as it says it doesn't recognize me so I tried joining all over again but it won't let me join as I already have an account with my email with them!! Have been round and round in circles but can't find my way back in!


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