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Survey on taking long term medication

If you are interested in helping with a bit of research into taking medication long term, here is an email we have received from a group of pharmacy students:

We are four students studying to become pharmacist and we are undertaking a project in our final year. We are studying at Medway School of Pharmacy. The study is aimed at finding out how people who have to take medicines long- term cope with them on a day-to- day basis and how these medicines affect their lives. Many patients are excepted to take medicines long term, balancing the risk of potential adverse effects against the perceived benefits, plus coping generally with the difficulties of managing these on a day- to day basis. Adverse effect are only one aspect of medicine use which cause difficulties or place a burden on patients. The burden of medicines use has not be quantified but patients' experiences of using medicines, vary considerably, and many have negative views towards medicines and have difficulties using them .

The main aim of this study is to quantity the burden of medicines use in a sample of the general public recruited by different methods, using a questionnaire suitable for this purpose. There is a lot of concern at the moment about the problems which people face in using medicines long-term and our study will help to assess the extent to which different people have different problems. The findings will support the Medicines Optimisation agenda developed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. We are writing to ask if you would kindly support our study in a small way. The study uses a specially designed questionnaire called the Living with Medicines Questionnaire©. We are distributing these questionnaires to as many people as possible, not just those who are using pharmacies. If you are willing, we would like to distribute some questionnaires through your website. The inclusion criteria for the study are adults, living in the UK who use regular prescription medicines.

If you would like more information around the study you can contact are project supervisor Professor Janet Krska either by telephone (01634202950) or email (j.krska@kent.ac.uk)

here is a link to survey: qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SI...

if you would like to add it to you webpage

Many thanks and regards

Miss Rubana Rubaseyone( Fourth Year MPharm Student)

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Hi, I've just completed the long term medication survey - will it be possible to see the final results? Thanks.


Me too...a pleasure to be a help!


Me too, pleased to help.


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