Anybody know much about Crest?

I have just had an endoscopy, and the Doctor who performed it, has written on my results, that I have oesophageal dismotility, related to crest, and possibly to do with my sjrogens, as I have not been diagnosed with either before, I wondered if anybody else has had similar experience.

I get dreadful reflux and pain, food gets stuck, fatigue, aching in muscles and joints, itchy skin with redness over my nose and cheeks, headaches, and am currently awaiting more tests with a Cardiologist for severe frequent ectopic heartbeats, their words not mine! I have a host of other symptoms including dry eyes and mouth.

Thank you for listening,


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  • I have a friend who has sjorgens syndrome, and that causes dry eyes and mouth, and I think arthritis, but I don't know anything about crest. I hope you get it explained soon, It's horrible not knowing. Good luck.

  • I've just googled it and its sjogrens syndrome, but I didn't read it all, so I still don't know about crest.


    This explains Crest, but not easy to understand.

  • Thank you for the information, it does make things a bit clearer.

    Best wishes Cazx

  • Motility is the process of food being moved through the digestive system, normally by muscular spasms controlled by nerves like the vagus nerve. So dismotility probably means that this is not working properly for you. I think these reports are often written in medical language on the basis that it will be a doctor who interprets it for you, and this is the best thing - to ask your GP or the specialist - what it all means for you, particularly in relation to the other problems you have.

    Some of these syndromes are complex and unusual. The doctors may well have to reach a judgement on a complicated diagnosis and what priorities to follow in any treatment plan. So what you read on the internet might not match your circumstances.

    It sounds like an endoscopy may well have given the doctors more information about possible causes of the reflux you are suffering, and the difficulty/pain in swallowing. So that is probably a step forward.

    Without teaching you to suck eggs, I think I would try and write down all your questions in advance, and take somebody with you.

  • Thank you Alan, I appreciate this, I have an appointment in a few weeks, and will take some questions with me.

    Best wishes Cazx

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