Newbie - Chemo starts on Thursday

Just a quick line to say hi.

I was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer 2 weeks ago and on Wednesday I received the results of my CAT scan and the biopsies taken during endoscopy last week.

Unfortunately I've shown almost no symptoms of the cancer, so the diagnosis was a complete surprise. It has already metastasised and surrounds my aorta, so is inoperable. It is located at the junction of the oesophagus and stomach.

I start EOX chemotherapy on Thursday.

I shan't ask how the chemo will affect me, as cancer runs in my family and I know from experience that the side effects vary from patient to patient.

I do have another question - but I'll ask that in the questions forum :-)

bye for now


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  • My thoughts are with you Dave. You seem to have a great positive spirit which is a brilliant start! Good Luck

  • Chin up and all the best

  • Good luck with the chemo Dave. Keep up the positive attitude and I'll be thinking of you this week.

  • Dave

    Very sorry to hear that you cannot have an operation. but on a positive note I am aware of a lady that was diagnosed nearly 6 years ago and told that she could not have the operation due to the location of the cancer She has had a few setbacks but is still doing well so please stay positive, we are all different

    All he best to you


  • Sorry to here dave I was lucky enough to have the opp that's rough enough I think you no you are going to have a rough ride so good luck for the future mate

    Steve w

  • Hi dave my thoughts are with you and hope chemotherapy goes well...If you don't mind me asking did you have surveillance endoscopys ? . I am in the process of seeking legal advice as my brother had barrets oesophagus, and coeliac he was supposed to have routine surveillance 2-3 yr but after being diagnosed in 2006 with barrets he was never recalled. .my brother was diagnosed in may this yr and unfortunately he passed away in September aged 49, I am so angry that his surveillance was never monitored . So by the time his swallowing problems started he was stage 4 with secondarys to lymph nodes, blood, bones and brain :(. ..keep ua updated on treatment and take care x

  • Hi Kam,

    I'm afraid I didn't have surveillance endoscopies. It is several years since I last had ulcerated reflux oesophagitis. I had an endoscopy and biopsies done at that time, the biopsies were clear, a course of Lansoprazole and some small adjustments to my diet and a change of job (I was in a stressful job that I hated) sorted out the reflux. A follow up endoscopy showed that everything seemed back to normal (no sign of permanent damage or Barrets) so I was discharged. I then moved house to a completely different area, under a different GP.

    Just bad luck in my case, I guess.

    So far the cancer has only spread to my lymph nodes. I'm hoping the chemo will stop it spreading - at least for a while. Fingers crossed.


  • Dave you need to be strong and positive hun..although dave the chemotherapy can be quite brutal. . My brother was a big man and had suffered numerous strokes in 2012 ( was still recovering) he was not physically strong enough to deal with the chemo. . Pls keep me updated dave and i wish you well x

  • Hi Dave

    I am new to this website as the wife of a cancer sufferer. He too is starting chemo on Thursday his has also spread to his lymph nodes and liver. At the moment I am trying to find out what to expect and will ask questions of other sufferers. Good luck hopefully chemo will work for both you and my husband. X

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