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Digestion problems after surgery - revised poll

The polls that we can create on HealthUnlocked run on a system that allows for eight possible answers, and these can be set so that people can respond either with only one answer; or multiple answers. With digestion issues it is definitely multiple answers! Last week's poll, that some of you have helpfully responded to, did not include an answer to reflect digestion problems that were not on the list, so I have revised the poll accordingly and am grateful for being corrected! My apologies to all concerned.

These polls are probably not very scientific - but they do give some helpful indications about problems, especially when we are trying to enlist some help and support from the research/medical world to get these issues studied and treated more seriously.

So the latest poll is a variation of the two earlier polls. If you are not suffering from HealthUnlocked poll fatigue, please have another go at this latest one, and we also value the comments you make.

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Thanks Alan, so many symptoms...a great poll I think!


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