Good News at last

Hi everyone as some of you know,

After 3 cycles of Chemo therapy, I had my Ivor Lewis on the 21st Oct 2012, followed by 3 more cycles of chemotherapy finishing in March 2013. The last week of my final cycle I got up too quickly, feinted, fell and broke my cheek bone which required a maxio facial operation to pull it back out. The feinting was caused by a drop in blood pressure brought on by a clash of medication, the chemo and tamasulin taken for an enlarged prostrate.

Before starting to monitor my recovery from the operation, in April 2013, the oncologist decided that, against protocol he would give me a CT scan as a base line.

Unfortunately this scan showed that despite my pre operative scans showing no spread and the histology of the oesophageal tumour removed showed good margins, a secondary tumour had developed in my liver in the 6 months following my Oesophagectomy. In May therefore I was given an MRI scan and a PET scan which confirmed the tumour but did indicate that there did not appear to be any spread to the lymph system, nodes, blood or bone etc. I was therefore referred to a young Lady Liver surgeon at the Blackburn Royal who agreed to perform a resection on my liver. This was done on the 14th of May 2013.

Unlike the follow up to my oesophagectomy the liver protocols demand a scan after 12 weeks which was done on the 19th of August.

Obviously to say that my wife and I have been very worried would be an understatement as the scan was from jaw to pelvice and would not only show my liver but everything else!!!

I have just had the result which confirms, thanks be to God and the medical profession "No evidence of any recurrent disease, lymphadenopathy or new metastases".

I know it is again early days but I am now in a much better position.

Thanks to you all, keep fighting and praying,

Best wishes Phil

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  • Brillient news Phil, you have been through so much, but dare I say keep on moving through that tunnel, there is a light at the end of it, and we are all getting there slowly but surely.

    Big hug to you and your wife

    Best wishes

    Edwina x

  • Dear Edwina,

    Thanks for that. You have been there from the beginning.

    My wife Maggie and I are going on holiday for a break form all the stress.

    All my best wishes


  • That is good news Phil. At last I'm sure you are thinking. Now is the time to recover, relax and enjoy. It will take you some time to fully recover but you are well on the way. Its amazing what the medical profession can do now and lets hope it does not come back. Best wishes and fingers crossed.


  • Dear Keith, Yes I'm going to take my time and I do know things can return but for now I'm just so relieved and am enjoying the feeling but yes keep everthing crossed.



  • Hi Phil

    Wow you have been through the mill. I'm delighted to hear things are now looking ok and I hope they continue to do so.

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks Steve, It has been rough but many of us have had worse!!!! I just thought I would share my good news to raise spirits. I to hope that things continue.

    Best wishes


  • That's absolutely brilliant news - the kind that we are all hoping for and from the sounds of it you've been through more than most and particularly deserve this news!!

  • Thanks Spanner, It has been traumatic but for the moment I'm enjoying life.

    Best wishes


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