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Hi, I am new to this site, and not sure if it is okay to be here, as I have not been diagnosed with any thing properly as yet.


I am waiting to see a specialist because of intense stomach pain. My Doctor thinks it is reflux, but is not happy that the only time I am in less pain, is when another doctor told me to take 80mg of Omneprazole a day.

I am now on 40 mg, and I feel as if I may as well not be taking it, as I am no better for it. I do find Gaviscon helps a bit but I could go through a large bottle a day, which is no good really. I have been tried on other medications with no good results. All this started about 8 monts ago.

I have problems with food getting stuck too. I wondered if anyone else gets these problems, and what they do to ease the pain, painkillers do not work, and I can hardly sleep, and find I am going off my food, as I am in worse pain after eating. I also get a lot of problems having to run to the toilet, especially at night, which is a major problem for me, as I have mobility problems too.

I Hope it is okay to post this question here, I just don't know where else to ask. The main problem is the pain.

I hope you are all doing as well as possible, thank you for reading this,


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Hi Caz,

Sorry about your plight and hope you see a specialist soon and he sorts out the problem.

If 80mg omeprazole helped but 40mg doesn't, why are you not using 80mg?

Although 40mg is considered the high dose (the maintenance dose being 20mg), I was on 80mg for a few years and know others on that amount as well. (Though the pharmacist would question it occasionally.)

High doses of omeprazole over a long period are not good as they can produce other side effects through malabsorption of essential minerals but it may be necessary for you to be on the higher dose for a period to help calm things down - but discuss this with your doctor and specialist.

Swallowing difficulties may be due to many factors. Have you tried domperidone (Motillium) or metoclopramide (Maxolon)? They are available over the counter from pharmacists or on prescription. They are anti-emetics and prokinetic drugs to aid peristalsis.

All the best



Thanks Chris, my Doctor refuses to allow me to take the higher dose, although I do have to sometimes when I am in really bad pain.

I have tried the antiemetics you spoke of, but they made my other conditions worse because of interaction with other medications, unfortunately. I think I will just have to be patient and wait to see the Specialist, although when I am very bad my husband tends to want to call an ambulance, I don't let him, as I think they will just send me home again.

My Doctor has said if I start vomiting badly again though, I would be best to go straight to the hospital as he really is not happy with my condition. Especially as he also thinks I have heart disease of some sort and has also asked for a Cardiologist to see me.

I will post on here the results,

Best wishes Cazx


Dear Caz

You are very welcome on this site! Good to hear from you!

Go back to your GP straight away and ask for an endoscopy, citing your swallowing problems especially, the pain and the diarrhoea. And if you are losing weight or not. What you are suffering is not normal, and your insides are protesting about something.

We take part in a campaign called Action Against Heartburn actionagainstheartburn.org.uk and you fit in to the criteria that the government are keen to promote as people who should be thoroughly checked out in case the underlying cause of the pain might be cancer. Chances are that it might well not be, but you do need to get it diagnosed properly, and the only way of doing this is with an endoscopy / bario meal examination. Playing the 'it might be cancer' card will get you an earlier appointment.

There are lots of reasons for stomach pains, like ulcers for instance. These days it is usually sorted out without an operation, often with medication like omeprazole.


Thank you so much for your kind welcome, I hesitated to come on here, as I have not had a diagnoses, but you have made me feel so much less alone!

I will be looking at the site you mentioned, it sounds very interesting. I saw a Specialist a year or so ago, as I was bleeding from the other end, they did a colonoscopy, but other than diverticuli, it was inconclusive. The Specialist was not happy, and said he felt they were missing something, but as at that point my condition had calmed down he did not want to perform new tests then, but he did say as soon as it started or changes in any way, he wants to see me ASAP. I have had endless trouble getting a doctor to send me back even so, but I am seeing another who has referred me, at last as he wants an endoscopy done too.

Thanks again, best wishes, Cazx


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