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Dietary advice please

Hi my grandad has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Because of his age and health problems he is unable to have surgery. He is waiting to start treatment but is so weak at the moment so this is not looking good. He has no appetite and says that he can't eat but manages to eat things like weetabix, ice cream and occasionally other deserts. I am worried that all he is eating is sugar and think this is making his situation worse. How can I pursued him to try and eat other things? And am I right or wrong? He thinks I am nagging him but he seams to be getting weaker everyday. Any advice is appreciated

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If you ring our helpline on 0121 704 9860 they will send you a recipe book with some ideas.

He may well feel weak because he is not eating so much, and this is a bit like chicken-and-egg. I would not worry too much about the details of his diet; he will not thank you for it and it is not unusual for the appetite to be lost completely. Soft things that slip down can be helpful. You can try mixing things with ice cream.

He will have to take in nutrition, however, and you might try something like Slimfast, that you can mix with anything that he might fancy. If he is not diabetic, and does not suffer from insulin spikes I would not worry about the sugar content at this stage, but you may need to think again about this after the treatment.

Eating little and often can be helpful.

It is a challenging situation for both of you. How do you feel about the prospect of this forthcoming treatment? People deal with things in their own individual ways, and you may find some helpful advice at the hospital on the issue of facing cancer treatment. It is not easy. Getting into the fresh air can help the appetite; or anything in the way of a treat can help his morale.


Ok thank you very much for the advice it's really helpful


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