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easopheagel cancer

hubby been diagnosed with easophegeal cancer and he had a ct scan and the results were t4b n3 m2 really worried he is only 65 but this last week he has become very tired and his stomach is tight also he is very weak and loses his balance it is all happening so fast as he was only diagnosed on the 24th june 2013 any body who knows how to help or what I can do please let me know

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When a diagnosis is made, the cancer is staged. There is an explanation about this here:


But the gist of what you are saying is that the cancer has spread beyond the oesophagus. (T4). They have apparently found some lymph nodes affected (N3) and there is some metastatic spread (M2). So there is not much real chance of an operation to cut out the cancer successfully and cure it by that means long term, because it seems that it is likely to be too late for that. This is not uncommon for this cancer I am afraid.

There will be a case conference type discussion by the medical people at the hospital about the best realistic treatment, and you will then hear about their conclusions at the next appointment. There may be some chemotherapy-type treatment that will be offered, and that can result in alleviating some of the symptoms for a while, and can indeed shrink the tumours. So it is worth listening to what they suggest - but it does not sound like there is much of a prospect for a cure as such. It does depend upon the exact details however. So that is the next step.

There are many hospitals that are set up and very much geared towards dealing with the situation that you and your husband face - some have links to places like Maggie's Centres - and I think that one of the first things is to visit them and find out what they offer. Your GP will also be very helpful. You might also try the specialist nurse in advance of the appointment.

Meanwhile I think you might like to spend time together discussing and trying to come to terms with the situation, working out the questions you have for the doctors / nurses, and so on. You will also have to think about how and when you let other people know - you will have your own instinct about what is right for that - but generally people like to feel stronger in their own minds about the situation, and to have started to come to terms with it themselves, before having to deal with the reactions of other people. You will find much support and real friendship from unexpected quarters.


We all feel for you so very much.

Although we have gone through it and been fortunate enough to emerge the other side one is still left with a sense of total inadequacy when hearing such news.

Your family and friends will rally round to an amazing extent.

Cherish each other in every possible way.


We all know what you are going through and our hearts go out for you. Alan and gutlesswonder messages will hopefully help and give you some comfort.


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