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happy bunny

happy bunny

Hi everybody thank you for all your help on this site, Im now eight months post op and back at work only phased return but hey its normality, im hoping to encourage anybody out there to think positive, if you look at any of my posts you will see i have been encourage to plan ahead not to look back and to always be positive, Hard i hear you say, YES it is, but without being positive what do we have left,,, ive been told by my consultant he does not want to see me for six months, no more stricture stretches, no more CT, Keep the lottery ,ive got what i want and thank you so much to you all for giving me hope when i was down,and having someone to relay any fears... My partner would like to run the marathon for the OPA and would like some advice as to posters or info she could post at local clubs,,, thank you G

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Hi G

I am 10 months post op and like you i try to stay positive I have my 6month CT scan in August so am getting nervous already...daft i know.

Great to hear you don't need to be seen for the next 6 months i wish you well and send you best wishes for the future. I think your partner can contact the OPA on their website who will give her advice etc good luck to her and hope she is getting in plenty of training

Regards Marg


Hello G

Well done you, both for yourself and for the spirit of positivity you positively enthuse on the rest of us!!

Can I invite you or your partner to call me next week on 01476 571599 when we can talk about support from the OPA for her plans to run a marathon for us? As the newly appointed chairman I'm also sitting on the newly formed event fund raising team and it would be great to hear from you next week to set the ball rolling. We have so many plans - both for what we at the OPA want to do and for fund raising events - it's a very exciting time!

Regards to you both

John Talbot


keep hopping ...

best wishes



Fantastic news for you! Back at work after 8 months, 6 months next appointment! Well done!


Well done - that is good news!

Eight months is a long time to be off work - but it is not long in terms of recovery from all this, so do take it carefully. Stamina does take a long time to recover, and you will probably feel tired after you have overdone it rather than as you are starting to get tired. So it will need careful planning and discipline! Your colleagues probably won't understand fully how much you can and cannot do; and it is quite often difficult for ourselves! Do not worry if you get it wrong and then feel rough - we all do that from time to time.

It is a great milestone to pass and worth celebrating!


Congratulations--very impressive news.

Do let us know how you get on.


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