7 years today!!!!

I haven't been posting much recently due to workload and dealing with digestion issues. But all that aside, today is 7 years since my oesophagectomy - so something to celebrate which I intend to do later with my life long supporter and wife Jenny!

I'm still finding out and my most recent learning is around the role of the FODMAP diet in tackling the unpredictable bouts of bloating/diarrhea. If you want to know more look at med.monash.edu/cecs/gastro/.... Also worth reading fasttractdigestion.com/ which adds some other interesting insights to problems that many of us on this board are familiar with.

To all that are currently facing the demon. I wish you well and can assure you that there is life after surgery. I still enjoy life every day. Yes we need to adapt and come to terms with the "new you". At the same time we become more expert in living this way and find that we can help other patients/carers which is very rewarding too.


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  • A big day! Well done, and we hope that you have a really good day!

    Not many people have a 'Big Digestion Day' as a celebration, but understanding what goes on in our insides is a real challenge for all of us.

  • Congratulations 7 years! Well put too true your words. Have a good night.

  • Wonderful news Larry, long may you advise us all here taking the journey back to health.

  • Congratulations!! I hope you have a great day celebrating, I'm six months after my op and would be more than happy if I get to my 7 year Opiversary!!

  • Congratulations on 7 Years. nice to hear some good news

  • Well done Larry. Have a great time.

  • Hi Larry,

    Best wishes and well done, 5 was good, 7 is better.

    My 7th on September 27th,

    so how does everyone celebrite their other 'bithday' ??

  • well done n congrats x

  • Well done larry. Sorry about the problems but I often think of this journey as being like a duck, gliding serenely along and saying to all " I'm fine" While underneath my feet are paddling away frantically as the side effects kick in.

    As for celebrating, every 5 years I send a thank you card to my now retired surgeon and GP

    for all their efforts on a day never to be forgotten. It's due next year when I reach 20.

    Best wishes sally

  • Thanks Sally - you make a very good point. I always send my surgeon a text on the anniversary just to say thank you. And he always sends one back!

    Your 20th deserves a huge celebration.

    Larry xx

  • Larry this is such good news I know you will have plenty more


  • Congratulation's Larry,may you have anniversaries.

    Kind Regards


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