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Incline for sleeping to reduce acid reflux, advice please?

I would prefer something like the MediWedge sold in USA but not shipped to UK, as this goes under the mattress and provides a full length slope from 4" or 6" at the head.

My worry with the "pillow" type slopes is "folding" at the stomach, and difficulty if trying to sleep on my side for part of the night. Also do not want to aggravate lower back problems.

Can anyone recommend where to buy a). a full length mattress incline in UK? b). share their experience of pros and cons of the shorter pillow type inclines?

Advice really welcome. Many thanks.

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I think aiming for 4" - 6" at the head of the bed is about right, but it is trial and error. Some people put something under the feet of the bed at the head end so that the whole bed is inclined. I think having a high pillow can make your neck uncomfortable.

I found a wedge pillow from Amazon a few years ago, but I did not get on with it, and in any event I can now sleep virtually flat so I do not have the problem. I do have a blanket folded up and placed under the mattress so that it smooths out the incline. I think I might be tempted to have a series of ever-larger pillows / blankets towards the head end and under the mattress so that I was sure that the angle was the one that did me most good?

The adjustable beds that have a W-shape profile are a good thing (I start off with a pillow under my knees for lower back reasons, which that sort of bed should help with in theory) but that does not meet your issue about not 'folding' at the stomach'.

A memory foam mattress topper might help with the problem of slipping down the bed. (eg from Dunelm Mill - tel: 08451 656565 dunelm-mill.com)

Two separate single mattresses can help if you have a partner who sleeps flat, but that is not easy either.

It is quite possible to spend a lot of money and then to find out that the system does not suit you - unless they are adjustable.


Thanks so much for your reply. You raise many of my fears! Mainly spending a lot on different solutions only to find they do not help!

Much to think about.

Thanks again, truly.


I ordered an inflatable back max body wedge from the USA for my husband who tried it (fully clothed) but did not find it suited him. I now have a brand new wedge system that is unwanted and as it will cost too much to send back I wondered if anyone would like to have it. I am giving it away so if anyone wants it I would just ask for the postage as it is quite heavy.


That's a generous offer, and I hope it will suit somebody!


I don't have an incline, but what I find comfortable is a large double duvet, folded again and again so that it makes an incline on my single bed. then several pillows which I move around to get just right. Another thing that helps is having one side of my bed against the wall, and a tall shelving unit the other side so the top 18ins of my bed is enclosed, so the duvet and the pillows can't move around or fall off the bed. The shelves are very useful for all the things I might need, books, laptop, drink of water, meds, telephone, notebook, chocolate... Now I'm three years post op. I find I can eat chocolate, even in bed. And I don't have to worry about the calories. Life is good again, and I feel very lucky.

I hope you manage to get your bed as you need it. When I first came home from hospital, I was given a wooden wedge that fitted under my pillow, but it was useless, and every time I moved it banged against the headboard, so don't try that.

Good luck



I have an electric bed with a memory foam mattress, it is a king-size double both sides working independently, I elevate my side of the bed by 4 inches, it seems to do the trick for me without disturbing my wife, being a memory foam mattress it helps stop you from slipping down the bed, it elevates about 50% of the bed without causing back problems I find

all the best.



I raise the head of my bed on bed raisers. - They look like strong plastic upturned flower pots. Usually sold in sets of 4 to raise entire bed for disabled, two hold the legs of the head end 6 inches higher than the foot end.


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