Can anyone tell me what sort of op. I had? I'm getting confused by all the names.

I have a scar down the centre of my front, and one that starts by my right breast goes under my arm to the back, and up to my shoulder blade. Is that an Ivor Lewis? ( I also have three little scars from my cholecystectomy, one each from my appendectomy and hysterectomy, and a large skingrafted burn area, and an area where necrotic tissue has finally healed, but I know what they are!)

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  • Yes an Ivor Lewis operation

  • I had same six months ago and confirm it looks like IL operation but the surgeon should have told U this? Unfortunately I now have a Tumour in my brain and operation is this Thursday 6th Jun. Another battle I will win. I live in Spain and the treat by all has been second to none. They gave me a week- end pass to go home so am able to communicate. I have to report back to Hosp bed tomorrow morning 0800hrs ready for more tests before operation. I have only recently found this forum and think it is excellent for information from everyone who uses it. I am when over this small problem of mine will write a blog about here in Spain and medical treatment. Take care and any worries use information on this forum. Better than speaking to Doctors?

  • Thank you for the information. My surgeon just called it a subtotal esophagectomy, and I forgot to ask him what sort.

    I hope all goes well with your op. on Thursday, I'll be thinking about you. When you're feeling better, we'd all love to hear about your treatment, and your life in Spain.

    Best wishes,


  • We all wish you the very best for this surgery and look forward to hearing that it was a complete success!

  • Hi to all had operation to remove tumour which was a success and MRI next day confirmed all gone and was clear. Unfortunately while I was waiting for results on the 7th July I received a phone call from the Hosp to collect paper work which was for another Cat Scan ASP and blood test for Thursday last week and to see the Oncologist this Mon at 1430hrs. He has obviously got my results from the tumour and it is not good news. The question is how bad the news is on Mon? I always have a half pint and a good will power but cannot put head in sand. Thank U all who wished me the best for the op which is appreciated. I love reading everybody's different problems and how they get over them.. Will up date U after I hear news. Take care Jolly Green Giant

  • Best wishes for Thursday,I will be thinking of you.Please let us know how it went,and cant wait to here about your life in spain also. Kind regards and best wishes Sandra x

  • Hi All JGG Here. Received news last Mon that I now have three lesions on one of my lungs, so before my oesophagus tumour was removed the C moved to head and now on lung, I will have to wait until 5th Aug to start chemo and followed by possible op. Oncologist stated I was not fit enough for chemo after all the ops I have had recently. News not good but better than I was expecting. So now dealing with after effects of the JL operation I had six months ago. I am very positive that I can win this battle especially being on this forum and reading about other peoples positive thinking. I will be writing a blog on life on the NHS here in Spain for those who are interested. I only hope I do not bore anyone.

  • I am sure we all wish you the absolute best.

  • Best of Luck to you look forward to hearing in future all is ok with you.

  • I have the same scars, but also one on the left side of my neck. Is that another type of surgery?

  • The scar on the left side of your neck is a :

    "Cervical Anastomosis "

    Cervical meaning -'of or pertaining to the neck'

    Anastomosis meaning - 'connection between two tubes '

    The Carcinoma (cancer)was relatively large &/or high up so the surgeon felt it prudent to remove a substantial length of the Oesophagus,with the result that there was quite a large gap to bridge.

    In my case the top and lesser curvature of the stomach were slit and restitched in order to turn a J-shaped bag into a longer ,straighter tube.This was then pulled up and sutured (stitched) to the remaining stump of Oesophagus (gullet)

    where it descends from the throat.

    In your case you unfortunately lost your entire stomach so another part of the intestines were used to reinstate the connection.

    As a distinct procedure it is maybe the most challenging part of what we have endured.

    For the surgeon it entails great skill working in a confined area with many adjacent structures ,particularly nerves.For the patient there can be complications of leakage ,

    thickening of the scar tissue with attendant swallowing/blockage difficulties (requiring dilation )and the discomfort of mucus from post-nasal drip.

    Soon there will be an all-singing-all-dancing new version of this site and I hope to post

    diagrams,photos,even movies,expounding on all the issues raised by our 300-odd


  • Interesting you mention post nasal drip. I've had that since surgery but never got an explanation on why this occur?

  • Hi Cortex

    This is a pretty complex subject -- I will get back to you in the next few days.

  • I am never very sure about the scars to be honest. Different surgeons sometimes have different techniques, and in recent years the laparosopic (keyhole) techniques have made further variations.

    I think that as far as your insides are concerned, it might make some difference as to how near the surgical joint is to your throat (and this might explain some of the surgical scars); and how much, if any, of your stomach has been removed. Those issues are much more likely to have an effect on how much you are affected by malabsorption of iron, B12, etc, and perhaps reflux.

  • JollyGreenGiant, I thought about you today. I hope your surgery went well. I expect you're very sleepy now, probably in ICU. I know that's unpleasant, but time will pass, and by the time you read this you'll be feeling much better. Good luck,


  • wishing you all the best and hope to hear how well you are doing very soon

    Marg x

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