Just found out I have cancer of the oesophagus,

The week before Christmas I was given the news I have cancer of the Oesophagus, Since then i have has CT, PET/CT scans, blood tests, lung function and ECG.

Earlier this week I had a meeting with the consultant who has pencilled me in for surgery, early in Feb, I`m very surprised how quickly things have moved. The good news is that they detected it early, mainly because I have had a 2 yearly endoscopy.

Fingers crossed for further good news.

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  • glad they found it early. this is the key to a good prognosis. good luck!!!

  • My cancer was detected by accident. It was not even a stage 1 cancer. They had to perform surgery so I would be given the best chances for a cure. This was eight years ago this February 10. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Mick

    I Know that feeling, you will find it willgo fast now, I am 63 and at Christmas

    5 years ago was told the same, there is quite a few of us out there, I for one wish you well, it will be very strange for a while, but I I have been back at work for 3 years now, and loving life more and more each day, a manly hug for you.

    the Guy's and Girls on this page are a great lot and have helped me a great deal. Tony

  • Hi Mick

    Mine too was found early and that was almost five years ago. Keep your chin up and try to stay positive.


  • There are lots of people who have this surgery and are still enjoying a good quality of life many years (in one case 28 years) later. It is not an easy road, but catching it early is the key to a good outcome.

    Best of luck with it all!

  • We all know how terrible a shock it is to learn this. The good news may be they caught it early. The quicker it is treated the better. I had T1 in the stomach and it was an agressive cancer & in 6 months after i delayed the op it became T1B which meant it got into the 2nd stomach layer.

    If its T1 you might ask if a merendino interposition is suitable for you and you keep most of your stomach. Search for my comments in the blogs 'merendino interposition'.

    However, take the advise of your medical team. They know what they are doing.

  • Hi Mick, we all know that sinking feeling when we get the diagnosis, and the panic, but you have been diagnosed early and that is a good thing. I was T2 and 18 months ago I went through a partial gastrectomy and oesophagectomy. My surgeon said to me I have to make you very ill to make you better, he was right. And a year ago I thought I would never feel well again, but today I can honestly say I feel more my old self, so keep your chin up, keep in touch with us all, we like to know how we are all getting on. I got lots of support and useful information from this site. I even got answers that my surgeon didn't have, so good luck to you and your family

    Edwina x

  • Just adding my good wishes to those above Mick. It's a very worrying time and we have all "been there" and made it through thank heavens. It does take time to recover from the surgery, no good pretending otherwise but be prepared to accept the changes you may have to make, don't rush anything and allow your body to heal at it's own speed. Patience is a virtue! Glad to hear you have been diagnosed as such an early stage. Thats really positive.

    Take care of yourself,

    Charlie x

  • Best of luck Mick. (Lousy timing just before xmas)

    You are in the middle of a whirlwind at the moment, but sounds really positive and promising! Diagnosed early, op so soon.

    I was diagnosed late, had cancer on the join of the oesoghagus and stomach. Without a long story, ended up it was T4, had part oesoghagus, all stomach taken away. Still here! (5 years this March) Beat the odds of it coming back in 3 years.

    Stay positive, you know by the replies we are for you. In no time you will be back on here boasting how well you are doing and giving comfort and advice to someone else!

    Look forward to reading ............

  • My partner has just had his surgery after being diagnosed in August of last year - T3/N1/M0 - its a big op and takes some getting over but less than five weeks after surgery we are doing things this week that would not have been possible last week - walking to the end of the road and back, going out for a bowl of soup, having drives in the car - we are all different and all heal at a different pace but the common denominator is that it does get better.

    All the very best to you - we will all be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.

    Lyn x

  • Hi there Mick,

    so glad that you had regular checks, mine wasn't discovered until quite late on but after having the op things started to get better. However you will have a steep hill to climb so make sure you keep fit and stay away from unhealthy people. You will get some really good advice from this site and loads of friendly support. Make sure you listen to the experts but don't take everything at face value, there are so many of us who have differing experiences and a fair number will fit in with your tale. I have had a few complications following surgery but I am still fighting after nearly 2 years down the and looking forward to my new normal life.

    I hope all goes well with you and keep flying the flag.

    Cheers, Colin

  • Hi Mick

    It is a long road and like others here you can get through it. I am nearly 4 years post op and doing well.

    Keep up the good fight,


  • Hi there I had my op on November 3rd so I'm 11 weeks post op now, it's hard in the early days and you think that you may never get to anywhere near normal, however I have come so far in just 11 weeks I'm looking forward to my life now. It's good they got to you early.

    Good luck


  • Thank you all for your kind messages and support, I didn`t realise how many people have this type of condition.

    Received confirmation on Saturday, premed this Thursday, op planned for next Wednesday (1st Feb), reallity is slowly kicking in now.

    What is so annoying is that I dont feel ill. Anyway positive thoughts, keep myself busy until the op.

    I will keep you informed once I am home and able to sit at the computer.

    Good luck and best wishes to everybody.


  • Mick, I can't speak for everybody but just to warn you, I think you will feel a lot worse than you do now but, and this is the thing to remember, you may feel really rough sometimes but it does get better if only slowly at first. Remember to get your diet plan sorted out as soon as you can and use the knowledge of the dietician.

    Good luck for Wednesday (I am in at Bedford on that day for my next chemo session)

    Cheers Colin

  • Good luck with the op & your recovery.

  • Good luck for tomorrow Mick. It isn't clear from your profile if you have a partner. If you don't then do make sure you enlist/arrange some support for when you get back home as it does take time to recover. Your GP or the Hospital should be able to help with this.

    All the very best,


  • Thanks Mick, asked this morning to go in 1/2 hr earlier, now have to be at the hospital for 7am. Still hasnt quite sunk home this time tomorrow I will be out of surgery and in ICU.

    Yes i`m married (33 yrs in May...one in a million.).shes is also a nurse, although she cares for the elderly in a nursing home. Also still got my youngest son (just turned 18 on the 28th Jan) so thats a great help.

  • Hi Mick, just read your post. Hope everything has gone well for you.

  • Hope the op went ok. I assume you are still in hospital. You now have the long climb back to fitness. I can add that when I started eating again and I'm sure others had the same, I had all sorts of digestion problems and felt terrible. But 3 months after I'm nearly back to normal and eating well although not regaining the weight I lost (1.5 stone). I think it can sometimes take a lot longer but it well get better. Everybody confirms that.

  • Hullo again Mick,

    hope all went well for you. Everyone on here has been where you are and will be sending you their best wishes I'm sure. Don't rush your body, take time and concentrate on getting through a day at a time. It's a big operation and a shock from going into hospital feeling "normal" and then how you might be feeling now! Slowly, slowly:) So glad you have plenty of support at home, it will make such a positive difference to your recovery. All good vibes!

    Charlie x

  • Hi Mick,

    So glad you took my advice and joined in this wonderful forum, I only wish Dad and I had found out about it months before we did as we found the whole process of diagnosis, treatment and afterwards a very lonely place to be. Absolutely everyone on here has something helpful to say, and they are full of words of encouragement and advice.......wonderful people!

    You know what I have said I will always be there for you if ever you need to talk, you know where I live.

    Lots of love Karen xxx

  • Well its now just over 5 weeks since my surgery and have been at home for 3 weeks. The 1st few days went ok but the pain increased so increased the pain relief only to start with feeling sick and the eating dropped off. Back to the GP and antisickness tablets prescribed. Since then feeling a lot better, eating (only small meals) and generally feeling better. Never been keen on milky drinks but have now a taste for MILK...... Still sleepy in the afternoons.

    Went to see the consultant last week who was really hopeful and said they had removed all the cancer, checked my scar. Now its the slow road to recovery. Managed a short drive out today to take my son and wife out at lunchtime for a snack....it was a great boost to get behind the wheel again as stuck at home all day was getting to me.

  • Good Luck Mick, sounds promising diagnosed early.

    Look forward to hearing you are recovering well.

  • fingers cross for you x

  • Thanks , but the original post was 5 YES 5 years ago. In 2 weeks time I`m back for my yearly check up, if everything is fine and the consultant is happy with my progress then I get DISCHARGED.

    Seems only like yesterday that I was diagnosed with cancer and here we are 5 years later. Not doing too bad still get aches and pain in my right rib cage and below my right shoulder where the scar is. Otherwise eating no problems, still have to remember to nibble between meals. Sometimes some foods (bacon/sausage etc can upset me otherwise eating most things). Can`t get weight above 11 1/4 stone, I was that weight in 1974 after I did my basic training for the Army. For the last 5 years I have hovered at this weight.

    Hope everything is going ok for you. Remember you are not alone and to take one day at a time.

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