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I had bloods done as been feeling very tired (more than usual) no energy at all and thumping headaches. My result came back that I need to go for Fasting glucose test. Please don't tell me I may now have diabetes, I eat soooooo much sweet things. Something I never did before. I prevent dumping pain from taking my morphine tablets each day. Anyone else been blessed with this. Thanks

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Having tests done to analyse the problem is a good thing, and no doubt they will tell you the results in due course. If you are feeling tired, it might be lack of iron and/or vitamin B12. Having vitamin/ mineral tests every so often is a good thing.

But coping with sugar, especially processed sugar in food (and things ending in -ose) can cause significant problems because it may play havoc with your system and create insulin spikes. So you may not be diabetic as such, but your digestive system may not be able to cope with sugar without causing 'dumping syndrome', and you may have to convert to eating low glycemic food in order to stop yourself having trouble. So the difference might be academic! Low glycemic food absorbs the sugar load more slowly.

If you are having morphine each day you will probably have other things to worry about, but if you can reduce the problem of 'dumping' by adjusting your diet it might be one less thing to have to cope with?

There are some factsheets that might help:



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