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18 month check up

Hi, I've just had my 18 month check up at the hospital, and all seems to be going to plan. I was told by my surgeon 12 months ago that I would learn how to accommodate the idiosynchrasies of my new digestive tract. At the time I thought he was bonkers, but today I realised I am coping better, I know what to eat and what not to eat. My biggest problem is forcing that extra chip into my overfull stomach. When I can say no and leave it on my plate I know I will benefit. My energy levels are still up and down, but I am looking forward to the summer when I can get out walking more, and hopefully get more energy and tone up those sagging muscles at the same time. I have to admit that 18 months ago I could not see myself ever feeling well again, there have been many ups and downs, and many steps backwards, but today I can not only see the light at the end of the tunnel I am walking through it.

I did ask about yearly scans, but it seems my hospital only do them if you feel the need, but I will have a final endoscopy in three and a half years time when I will be giving a clean bill of health:-)

I hope this is of some help to many of you who are at the beginning of their journey with OC


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That is excellent news, well done you. Last week I celebrated my 5 years post operation!! It is extremely worrying when you read that life expectancy for oesophageal cancer is not brilliant (last week I read in the paper only 1 in 12 reach 5 years!) so I am delighted (along with my husband and friends) that I've reached this huge milestone and am an example to others that there is life after this awful experience. Every day is a blessing so just make the most of it!


Hi, yes I read the stats, and I also know two people who had this awful disease and lost their fight, but I think doctors are more knowledgable now and of course with every operation they perform they must be learning more.

I do look at every day with fresh eyes now and realise I have been blessed, I wake every morning and sing 'I am h. a. p. p. y. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but hey after what we have been through we deserve to be a bit nutty :-)


Well done! There are in facts lots of OPA members who have a good quality of life many years after their surgery (David Kirby's operation was about 29 years ago) and unless you find out about this from somebody it can be a daunting prospect because all the publicity and statistics tend to be on the negative side.

But it is common to have down days, periods when things seem depressing, and times when you wonder whether it is all going to be worthwhile - so looking back and feeling positive about how far you have come is definitely a time to be cherished, shared and celebrated!


Hi Alan, yes I think more are beating this disease, but sadly so many that aren't. But I do think a positive attitude helps, and I do try to be positive most of the time. I think the low times are getting less, I think losts of people have these days too,

This site is the best thing that I have found since my surgery and has helped me so much, so well done you and David for your advice and care

Best wishes



Great.Know exactly where your coming from with the extra chip ! I am now 10 months post op and only just started eating better !! Feeling well but still suffer with fatigue of course.

Good wishes



Hi Griff, I think the fatigue is something we have to learn to live with, although I am sure it does improve. I can have a burst of energy then wham I need to rest. But we are still here, so not complaining :-)


Well done, Yorkshire Rose, very heartening for you...As time continues and milestones are passed, your inner confidence grows...You find you can and you will, always in moderation though is usually best...

I have been on this post-operation ride for 8 years, and am still learning the best ways to cope with my daily journey. Even by scanning other people's comments on this site, you discover that most of us experience and endure the fatigue, pain at the operation site, discomfort and difficulty eating, "dumping" ,nausea et al to a lesser or greater extent.

Wow! Let us give ourselves a cheer and pat on the back...Do we not deserve it..?


So glad to hear such positive news and well done you!


Charlie x


Fantastic news, go girl go! They say time is a healer and it is true!

I find I get used to living with what I do and just go with it!

Being positive and determined helps I am sure!

Well Done!! x


Thanks Cherry, hope you are keeping well xx


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