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my digestive system

I am a diabetic type 1 have been for 28 years now. have had septic ulcers for twenty years now and past two years have been suffering with severe bloating and terrible stomach ache. I had a colonoscomy in Jan 2013 that came back ok. last year my abdominal scan said my stomach was swollen. I cannot eat any fatty foods at all without feeling really ill afterwards. I am now awaiting results for my scan I had on Monday.

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Do you mean septic (ie infected) or peptic ulcers?

I am glad that you are being seen at the hospital. There is obviously something wrong and it needs to be sorted out.

It may help if you keep a food diary. There is one you can download here opa.org.uk/pages/factsheets...

If it is fatty foods that give you trouble, then stay away from them. You will also be used to diabetic type foods that avoid too much / processed sugar.


thank you yes I do eat healthy food cos I wouldn't be able to cope with it otherwise.


I hope that the scan diagnoses the problem.

Best Wishes for a good result!



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