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The long and winding road


I,ve posted some bits and pieces ,along the way, about my case history, hoping that some of my experiences might come in helpful.

I thought that I would update about my chemo.

I had 3x21 days of ecx after my staging laparoscopy back in May 2011.

I managed to come through without too many negative factors. Mainly general fatigue which cut in session 3.

I assumed, after my surgery in October 2011, and then a 6 week rest that when I recommend the 3 x 21 day ecx cycles post op, that I would witness about the same.

In the post op programme, Session 1 was, as expected, not too onerous, however session 2 proved to take longer to recover from the initial big hit of first week drugs. I experienced a fair amount of nausea although that went after week 2 . Fatigue cut in and lasted much longer than session 1 . In session 3 it has increased even more, more nausea, which seems to be subsiding but waves of complete fatigue which doesn't seem to dissipate as quickly as before, I have another 12 days to go before the end of the programme and I feel that the fatigue will hover for the rest of the outstanding time left. Oh yes, constant feeling of tinnitus ,as well...the bells...the bells !

I hope some of this detail might be helpful.

Best wishes to all


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Dear Brian

It is progressive, isn't it! And sometimes killing off the malignant and suspect cells comes at a high cost on the rest of the body. Thinking about reaching the end of the treatment may well help, especially when it is not too far away.

They are very powerful drugs which have all sorts of side effects; but the body does recover afterwards!

All best wishes, and let's hope it will be all worthwhile in the end!



Good luck with it. I was taken off ECX as I developed Angina. End result is that my cancer has spread to my Liver & Bones. Trying a different chemo now. Was in hospital overnight getting that the other day. Sick as a dog, lethargic but cannot sleep! Will get there in the end.


Hi Brian

It is no wonder you are tierd; many are unable to tolerate chemo after this operation so you are doing well to be able to stick with it. I had a bad reaction to ECX and was too ill after the operation to carry on, so I took the decision to stop.



Hi Fred

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time with your treatment, but as you say you will get there in the end.

My best to you and your family,



Hi Fred

I was same as Steve as couldnt tolerate it after surgery and had bad reaction



Thanks for the comments. My position has been made worse as I am laid out with what would normally be a stomach bug. Feel dreadful. No sleep & constant cramps & dihorrea. Docs hafe been out & I should be on the mend though, fingers crossed.


Dear Brian,

sounds as though you are having a really tough time and I am full of admiration for you in continuing with such arduous treatment. I hope everythings settles down again and you beginning to feel better as the sessions end. My very best wishes to you and your family.

Charlie x


Hi there Brian,

I know from my experience that the fatigue is tough but don't despair, it does get easier. I am on my third session of chemo (after the third tumor was spotted) and getting the same sort of issues. This time the tiredness is not quite so bad, I have to keep on top of it though by making sure I get a little exercise every hour or so.

I too had problem with my hearing and the ECX caused or exaggerated the tinnitus and I now have a hearing aid to get over the loss of hearing in my left ear. I got really angry about it to start with but am now resolved to it and it doesn't seem too bad. My wife refers to it as a selective hearing loss when she starts reminding me of what I should be doing next.

Hang in there and keep positive.




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