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Coughing when eating/drinking - could it be related to achalasia?

I was treated for achalasia about eight years ago. It was treated using balloon dilation and has been fine since then, not even needing PPIs (lansoprazole) until recently (and even then only short term). However, I've recently started a new job and one of my new colleagues pointed out that I only seem to cough when I eat or drink. I'd never really thought about it before - just always seem to have a cough - but I realised they were corrected. Has anyone had similar symptoms or can suggest anything?

I did have an endoscopy before starting lansoprazole, they were concentrating on the stomach but I would have thought they would have mentioned if they'd seen anything in the throat (they did mention the sphincter muscle was still open).

Thanks in advance

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The "Reflux Cough" is a well known symptom. Refluxate is aspirated into the lungs. It has always been my worst symptom

PPIs only control the acid, not the reflux. With a non-operative sphincter, reflux is going to happen very easily. All you can do is eat and drink small amounts at a time, slowly, keep upright and avoid any pressure on the stomach.

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Thanks for this, its nice to know what it is - I'd never thought about it before it was mentioned by my colleague.


Just a passing thought - one of the Upper GI surgeons at University College hospital, Majid Hashemi, is pioneering a new device called Linx londonreflux.com/ that is designed to wrap a bracelet round the lower end of the oesophagus with magnetic beads that create pressure to keep the sphincter closed unless you are eating etc. It is all very new at the moment but it would be worth, perhaps, keeping an eye on.

There might possible be something in your new job that is causing you to generate more acid / reflux, perhaps?


If anything, this job is less likely to cause me the stress which causes the acid/reflux however I am surrounded by medical types so maybe that's why its been pointed out :-)

I've just re read my endoscopy report and he mentioned I had Grade B oesphagitis so maybe that explains the irritation?


Meant to say - it was my previous job that caused the heartburn etc and meant I needed the lansoprazole


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