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Real Event OCD

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With false memory OCD,can it be classified as Real Event OCD if the memory actually feels like it’s something you would do?Does Real Event OCD include intentions?For example(fake example):If I was to have a false memory of me killing a fly yesterday,and in reality I’m the type of person that would actually kill a fly,does this make the memory more likely to be real or would it be an example of Real Event OCD?

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No, it's still a false memory. Just because someone might do something, it doesn't mean they have.

Often people with OCD confuse these. They have a thought that they just might do something, often something they wouldn't do but occasionally something they might possibly do, and the thought-action fusion kicks in.

It's as though they think just having the thought is enough to make them guilty. But of course it isn't.

Most people have pretty weird thoughts. Some of these thoughts can be unpleasant or cruel. Most people let them go. The thought comes in and goes out as quickly as it came in. But having OCD makes our thoughts sort of sticky, so a thought comes in but instead of going out again, it sticks to our brain and torments us. And then we feel, 'Just suppose I might do that'. And then it can be 'Suppose I actually did that.'

So don't let these false memories confuse you. It's difficult enough having OCD without blaming yourself for things you didn't do!

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Thank you so much💕💕

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